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  1. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    Won't this end up knackering the compressor?, they are designed to blow not suck, and discharging to atmosphere, not a load for hours on end can't be healthy either! I'm happy to buy the right piece of kit, it's small change in comparison to the rest of the build, and I can either flog it afterwards or use it on the next project. I just don't want to spend more than I have to
  2. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    Did you do the hulls with it as well?
  3. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    Fridge compressors are a bad idea as they are never designed for continous duty and tend to go pop after running for a couple of hours I know I need a vane axial pump, just a bid of guidance about what size and who from.
  4. Ed

    Vacuum Pump

    I'm embarking on a boat building project, 28' mark, and need a vacuum pump for bulkheads, hulls etc. I'm just using it for vac bagging, not infusion. I've had a bit of a look around for vacuum pumps but need a bit of advice The gold plated answer would be something like the 20/2 from vacmobiles, but one of these things can infuse an entire 60' hull in one hit, so a little overkill for a home build At the other end of the spectrum there is the $450 2.5cfm chinese vacuum pumps on tardeme, but I don't know if this is going to be enough to do the job Any comments or advice would b
  5. Ed

    Tracker problems

    I've to the same conclusion the the tracker is a crock, as Camper just crossed abu dhabi yet are still alledgly 20Nm behind
  6. Have a look at the racetrack analysis from the crew front page, gives an alternative view on handicapping. Seems to have a bias towards multihulls, with 8 in the top 10!
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