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  1. there are not many options, this is the nearest I have found for a new fitting with an adequate SWL https://www.whitstablemarine.co.uk/products/barton-stand-up-pulley-block-with-becket-cam-cleat-size-3
  2. I had heard that too, but a search of the companies register shows it is still owned (as of Dec 20) by the Dixons (better known for their stainless steel work)
  3. try these guys https://www.whitestarproducts.co.nz/our-brand/cleveco/
  4. It would be a real shame to see Robertson's close. It may accelerate Mick Cookson's boat yard plans on his land a bit further down the river
  5. not exactly cheap though, I pay somewhat less at Robertsons, Warkworth $355 Haulout + $40/day hardstand for 14m May this year Conrad's travel lift can accommodate an 8m beam - just
  6. That is Fusion Marine at Manga Rd Silverdale. Use the crane to tow a trailer I do not know who owns it, but there is also the big shed on the north side of the Weiti River where Jon Douglas built the 2 big Roger Hill cats (Kotuku and Cation)
  7. NZTA allows a max width of 11 m, so 8m is no problem. The tri would sit on a standard low loader with a cradle. Need all the relevant permits, pilot vehicles, permissible routes etc but nothing that has not been done 000's times before. I am sure Pete at Boat Haulage would have all the answers, and similarly any of the house movers. I know of a 14m x 7m cat moved from the back of Hunua to Maraetai by a house mover without a problem.
  8. had not thought about that, really is threading the needle
  9. other options Hutchesons in Tauranga https://hutchesonboats.co.nz/ or maybe the Milford Slipway http://www.findglocal.com/NZ/Auckland/425610114869669/The-Slipway-Milford, have seen some tremendous results for rolled on paint given that you are almost painting 3 boats the $47k quote is not unreasonable.
  10. Make a Dyneema strop, loop in each end, the one for the head of the spinnaker should be long enough to cow hitch it thru the head eye. By the way, I think you are better off having a halyard with a little "spring" in it to absorb shock loading - not like a main or genoa where you need a tight luff
  11. you would not buy one now, but my yacht came with one of these still works and even with Predictwind I find it handy to down load some of the available maps to get "the big picture"
  12. failure rates as in software going crazy, refusing to turn on and the stupid little charging pin coming away from the motherboard. As I said they are good but not perfect If you just want to send a message home then one of the satellite messengers eg In Reach would be more than sufficient
  13. This question was raised quite recently so suggest you search for the previous discussion Seeing as you have both the SSB and Pactor, I would suggest spending the $'s for the insulators. Iridium Go is great, but not the be all and end all. In the 2019 ICNZ Rally I think the failure rate of Go's was around 20%. I am not sure about the comments re Sat comms becoming cheaper, purchase price and monthly sub have not changed over the last few years. You can get much more effective use of SSB by getting a HAM licence, and I would expect if your SSB (an ICOM?) runs a PACTOR it can be "open
  14. big boat(power or sail?) or Fizz boat. 100's of the latter (up to ~10m), not so many of the former. Any preferred region?
  15. remember these guys
  16. actually that was from Ben Lexcen
  17. another option you might think about is a cat such as this by Dan Leech http://leechboats.com/power/l825-semi-displacement-power-cat
  18. update on Fiji issued yesterday https://www.denaraumarina.com/arriving-departing-fiji/
  19. and I seem to recall part of the deal was a "tax free " zone in the area where the teams were located, with enough space conveniently available for Berty to build on of his pharmacy plants
  20. I know of a few at Westpark who have been living aboard for more than 20yrs .
  21. Westhaven rules You shall not live on board the Vessel or elsewhere in Westhaven without our permission. Sleeping overnight on the Vessel for more than two consecutive nights constitutes living on board. So if you stick to your 1-2 nights a week no prob. Just keep a low profile and you should be ok. More than that on a regular basis best to talk to the office.
  22. There is a video around of a 70' trawler entering Greymouth, sneaker wave got it on the port quarter and she was upside down in a flash. These pics are Dave Jackson's Karros II having some excitement trying to enter Greymouth, there is an even "better" picture in the SYC clubhouse
  23. and is the habitat of copious swarms of swallows just waiting for a new addition to the club to provide yet another place to roost and sh*t...
  24. I think he might have had his numbers wrong. I made a quick calc using the approach found here https://smalltridesign.com/masts/Rigging-Mast-Loads.html and came up with a shroud load circa 10,000kg Viewing the series of videos by Parlay and another guy fixing the same problem is reinforcing that these boats are just slapped together. Apart from lots of silicon, the European boat builders seem to love that brown bog you see. Anyone thinking of taking a Bendy Boat offshore should watch these videos first.
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