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  1. does anyone have a small Robb/Howard clutch per below (mounting holes at 90mm centres), to suit 10mm rope preferably metal body
  2. for sure, the salt air being blown thru will do wonders for the internals and a strong wind might cause a flame out situation. By the way did you notice how wafer thin the bridge deck is, looks like a thin honeycomb of some sort covered with light cloth either side
  3. I would not do that, exhaust should be on a vertical surface with nothing above it to block dissipation of heat/fumes, also to minimse staining
  4. not too make light of a serious subject, but...
  5. Yes, she was turbo'd prior to the 05 race, stern extension and a new Bakewell-White Tee keel to replace the conventional fin (which I believe is still sitting in the grass at Robertsons if anyone is looking for a 5T fin). Very powerful yacht with the upgrade. She is now based down south, Mana or Marlborough.
  6. A Davidson design that never received much recognition in NZ was the Davidson 37. Only a few were built here in the early 80's then Cavalier Yachts Australia (who were already building the D28 with a walk thru transom) bought the moulds and sold them first as the Cavalier 37, and then later (with an extended stern/walk thru) as the Cavalier 395. Most well known 37 was Kay Cottee's 37, First Lady, which she made the first woman's non stop circumnavigation in 1988 https://www.sea.museum/whats-on/exhibitions/kay-cottee
  7. and he also designed ferro cement boats in the early 70's! My pick of his designs is Woody's "Rolling Stones" series of yachts - Flash, Emotional Rescue, Honky Tonk Woman, and later for another client Whichaway. I did the 2005 Suva race on Paradigm which was a 16.5 cruiser racer to his design
  8. I am just running broadband thru the aerial- mifi modem, not getting a boost on the cell signals to my phone. I am sure there will be a way to set it up to boost cell signals with the appropriate modem, just like a car set up Ring/email Zeph at Cellutronics, he is very helpful and can tell you what is possible
  9. I installed one of these aerials on my aerial arch https://www.cellutronics.co.nz/shop?category=Marine and bought a 2 deg compatible MiFi modem off Trademe (there is a list on Cellutronics site of suitable modems). Got an extra SIM card for my regular phone account and use that around NZ. In the islands bought a local SIM card on arrival at each country and topped up with local data. All worked very well
  10. same at Sandspit. A marine biologist friend says it is due to the freshwater from the winter rains
  11. Same as stopping at Minerva Reef, clock would be reset. I first thought this story was about the guy in Crew Finder advertising for delivery crew on a Maritimo, starting to sound like a refugee boat
  12. you could mount one of these in that exterior corner, just need a flu thru the hard top https://challengeyachts.com/challenger-6l-lpg-water-heater-stainless-steel.html I had a califont set up on the outside cockpit bulkhead on a previous boat (a launch) and once I replaced the painted steel enclosure with one in SS no further corrosion issues
  13. do you have any space on your cockpit bulkhead to tuck it in a corner and run a flue thru the cabin top, such as the corner behind the owl in this photo
  14. try to minimise the height differential, they can be a bugger to bleed the coolant pipes if the tank connections are above the engine.
  15. if you have a cylinder built to order they can install 2 heating coils, one for the engine's cooling water and one for the Heater.
  16. good Kiwi manufactured Copper tank hot water cylinders https://www.superheat.co.nz/marine-water-cylinders/
  17. and the Cup is held by RNZYS
  18. teak screwed into deck with a balsa core? This could be a major job and $$$. You will need to be hauled out and undercover/tented so you also need to think about hardstand costs. If removing the mast(assuming you are talking a yacht) and transporting the boat is not too much of a major, look for a boat builder who has his own shed eg Richard Edlin is just one option, there are a few others. If you are stuck with hardstand, keep away from Auckland city, possibilities are Hutcheson's (Tauranga), Robertsons (Warkworth), Norsand (Whangarei) as a few options
  19. Usually Musto, sometimes Helly Hansen, but can depend on who is a sponsor
  20. In addition to an installed 4000 pump, I have one of these as a portable with a 3" lay flat hose for discharge
  21. one of these, Whale Gulper 220 or Jabsco or Johnson any of the wire mesh strainers will do
  22. marinheiro

    What if...?

    There was no lock down over Xmas -New year last year, Cindy had to wait until after Waitangi Day then slapped a couple on us in Feb/March....
  23. it's a great picture. It clearly defines the "cyclone safe" strip in the near equatorial regions. Also of note the almost complete lack of cyclones in the Sth Atlantic and Eastern Sth Pacific, no doubt the cold currents coming up the West African and Western Sth American coast lines (which are also deserts due to the dry air) preclude their formation. Only outlier is the cyclone that whacked Florianopolis, Brasil in 2004
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