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  1. Isn't the sail drive water cooled , a 25 degree rise in the gear oil temperature is unlikely .
  2. An intermittent fault in the MDI 'black box' affecting the fuel stop solenoid ?
  3. Great work. Jack Holt will be smiling ! Back in the day they were kept on the ramp at Okahu Bay - Sceptre / Windtanz / Columbia / Rainbow and others
  4. E19 = the date of manufacture - May 2019
  5. Have you lifted/hinged up the cook top and found the kero filler cap on the LHS ?
  6. Smith design ? The Mariner stove/oven cook top is hinged at the rear, lift it up to expose the 3 burners and the kero filler cap is in the left hand rear corner. Fill the tank very slowly to allow the air to displace. Then follow erices lighting instructions !
  7. Neil C

    Hose clips

    Auckland Engineering Beaumont St have plastic hose clamp end caps - about 50c ea.
  8. Neil C

    Next project.

    Nice work Chris. Did you fiberglass the bottom panel on the inside and /or outside ?
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