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    prada 3

    Learnt a bit from viewing on the water Saturday, the coverage is very delayed at the start but through the race appeared to catch up a little, even though we were on a luxury launch the view from North Head is superior (of course C) particularly of the tactics and gusts with lifts and knocks readily apparent.
  2. We might as well all be sheep if we all had the same hair dos, at least you fellas have some!
  3. Gates closed again to cars today and carpark turned to bike park, remember the helpers have no legal right to tell you what to do with your bike...
  4. waikiore

    prada 3

    Ah the precious fellows, (We dont like waves or getting wet all the time when sailing), result course A canned. We are really moving away from real yachting the course that could have been used from almost any wind direction scrubbed primarily because they are scared of loosing more competitors. I guess we shouldnt be surprised it is the AC after all not real yachting like SSANZ or Vendee
  5. Yes big heavy slow 22' boats why those chaps with the interesting hair dos cant see the benefit of the lovely piedies I will never understand
  6. Young Mr Newcombe is down that way but cant remember what he trades as....
  7. Sopac has a pulley kit to convert early 3YM30's to serpentine belt or Balmar type alternators
  8. There are likely to be a few professional musicians on other boats too, we enjoyed their music wafting over the water last year and at tall ships this year.
  9. Oh well the official powerboat of the Prada cup was out there, the old Azimut now branded Yanmar -so probably had some Yanmar powered crash pumps aboard.
  10. Water bill current month $38.00 $7.80 is water used all the rest fixed waste charges?
  11. Some interesting observations after this first weekend, for the North Head viewer at least .Compared to the world series- Pros: The council have done away with the volunteer gestapo stopping people riding up the access road to the top, (this forced us to tramp all over the Maunga -causing erosion) Cons : They have opened up all the roads to traffic that were closed for the world series, making it less safe for the walker and young cyclist, and appear to have given up on security for the bikes. The Maori coffee, pies, ice cream and hangi didnt turn up just when there were thousands o
  12. Looks a lot like where the torqeedo battery sits that runs the foil cant mechanism and size is right to.
  13. 5 knots 50M thats all there is to it, I have witnessed an oar been thrown at a similar jetski (it connected) much to the amusement of all observers, this was many years ago and of course the matter ended there.
  14. What no names of either launch?
  15. Some well known yachties drive those fleming launches, much easier on the eye than just another Riv.
  16. CD I have seen your diagram type system fail but it was a hi speed multi hull 30 plus and the drawing is more typical of a launch installation (American) than a typical yacht, where the waterlock and subsequent rise till dropping to skin fitting aft creates a bit of back pressure.
  17. Bad news sorry to see that, DP you put us all to shame with that display-merry christmas from Auckland
  18. Pedalled down Thursday and Friday for the best view in Auckland at North Head, and could see what the commentators missed so very happy apart from the aggressive parking wardens telling me where to park my bike, which resulted instead of me staying on the seal, being forced to walk up and down the slopes -so much for protecting the Maunga ! The Maori concessions particularly the ice cream van were doing a roaring trade - but none of us regulars knew they were going to be there so were not holding the folding, and those further down the hill were unaware of them too. Anyway the council ha
  19. North Head -go by bike its great, Montcommentary and TV missed starts -Bens big moment etc etc. They need to sharpen up on TV coverage North Head is the spot but PJ needs to be eased out and stop interviewing old mates whilst the real racing is on .
  20. They are not alone with these issues....
  21. only seen this on a multi that went regularly over 30 knots and his impeller was worn out, not sure how an anti siphon loop is meant to help that situation though. I have seen on a new big Leopard a terrible exhaust installation where as soon as she was sailing (or motoring ) the exhaust was underwater and without a proper riser had sunk the engines whilst under warranty, in this case exhaust anti syphon loops would have helped but she needed a full redesign of the exhaust to stop it happening again, which I guarantee has happened as he was heading back to Aussie. I tried to explain this to th
  22. Would do it, but really on a furling line of that size you should be doing it by hand or there is something wrong
  23. I always thought those boats were C & C designs she was once owned by Ivan Erceg I believe .
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