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  1. Soon to become Spencer Island with a little more tide rise
  2. As far as I know the name of the video is correct , how any insurer could payout on such wilful negligence is beyond me.
  3. I know of many who have come here with no insurance , but not in the last couple of years.
  4. The most amazing one was the guy leaving Milford Marina before the tide was in (in the dark) he shot out of the calm creek like a champagne cork then promptly hit the surf and was wrecked. Lucky to survive himself
  5. One or two may be gathering for a" not at Mahurangi" drop down at Milford
  6. On shore events and prizegiving confirmed as cancelled, regatta decision Thursday pm
  7. Looking worse now, there are calls for it to be delayed a week, however I doubt the shore based organisers would go with that, is the Marquee and Big Band still on???
  8. Could be a damp easterly one this year , I see even the racing Stewarts taking kites off and loading squabs and other luxury cruising equipment on board.
  9. Some Yanmar YM ones have been done locally... not cheap but permanent
  10. A junk with a deflatable tsk tsk
  11. I believe the OP may know a bit about Cow choppa choppa too
  12. The importer has stock, and so should Burnsco
  13. Anyhow off to tall ships this weekend, the hangi awaits
  14. As a long standing spectator of the sport I am most concerned that with a strong souwester the slippery ones in the fleet will be back at North Head before I have finished my first flute of champers and started on the strawberries and cream whilst sitting on the picnic rug , I am sure that other pundits will join me to critique the fleet from on high.
  15. Ive seen a 58' launch hit a moored reactor , Reactor broken tiller and strained rudder. New launch sunk! (in the Tamaki)
  16. Though prior to the 2000 Americas Cup (remember that when all were proud supporters) they extended the official harbour limits out to Noisies-Tiri
  17. Speaking of Turf thems Milford waves they will be sailing on go the piedies!
  18. No mention of insurance requirement ...... just saying As the extremely strong Reactor slid into the 60' tri
  19. Vybar seems to be the best currently, thinner and doesnt rot like the old stuff, try Sopac
  20. Rather pleased that we sailed back on the first , got some great bodysurfing on the second and put guests on the plane home yesterday
  21. Good to have it out in the open who pushed to change it from good old Westypark to ' Hobsonville"
  22. Wow very jealous of that spacious workshop, that boat will be satisfying to sail.
  23. Two most common issues with VHF: Aerial failure (or connection) Voltage insufficient for good transmission (too small DC wires feeding it)
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