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  1. waikiore

    Pier 21

    The original owners were considering doing that a few years ago and entering the Hobart -for fun.
  2. Those fellas heard you old yella, I see they are up
  3. waikiore

    Pier 21

    There are other ways of hauling than travellifts just saying....
  4. Quite likely I know we have missed it and will enter...
  5. Yes wasting time with Polyester you must use epoxy if any strength is required to your fill.
  6. waikiore

    Pier 21

    No problem at Orams for me this year -they didnt require the 600 ton for me
  7. Tony thought they could get rid of all the old hands and a computer would do it, 18 months ago they are trying to rehire those straddle operators-but all were busy being builders etc and thought why should I go back just to be tipped out again soonish.
  8. The famous wooden Pahi has done it before
  9. I trust that Auckland will be bidding to host this great event against Sydney, with our proud history of competing in the old Whitbread and facilities here it is a natural stop off-prior to the Southern Ocean. Perhaps after waving goodbye to the AC the squadron would like to step forward as a host club. I for one recall the hilarity and hijinks associated with the Auckland stopover parties back then (when most of the crews slept on board and werent bothered about rushing to the gym each day) Could excite that summers sailing-remember the Whitbread big boats racing on our regatta
  10. Yes and in the 90's we had big fleets of 88s racing in what is now light C division, does this mean many have drifted east to Bucks ?
  11. Oh contraire, Sunday -the day of rest, (after church of course) - someone has to pray for you heathens
  12. Second squaddy winter race yesterday , and we have 62 year old designs having top close racing (the Stewarts) and a mixed bag of classics from Townson 32 to the big old gaffers and Tonnant? Where are all the young 88's , I could only see two - a pretty dismal showing from possibly the biggest one design racing class in Auckland? Unless I am mistaken the lead Stewart was sailed home by a gentleman who by any stretch of the imagination could not by called a spring chicken - gives all of us young fellas hope and encouragement.
  13. There is a Pelorus in Milford Creek that we would love Jason to have (and take away)
  14. Hmm have to agree with Wheels on this one -I am yet to see an electronic system actually work-and yes I am constantly around hard stands for work.
  15. Wow, a 1 knot improvement over a clean hull -thats simply wonderful
  16. Further to this general recalls were common at the huge Akarana winter series in the 70s and 80s and at Westhaven, they also taught that you cant try and barge back through the racing fleet who had correctly started but must stand clear and go around the line to restart not impeding those who were racing, saw some of that on Sunday too.
  17. This is what I am getting at, a longer suitable line, with a spotter at the pin end, and no reluctance to run a general recall and we are applying the rules -no trouble and if those cheeky Stewart monkeys are pushing it they become obvious.
  18. Ah not many on committee boat this time, and yes we were dead in line with the ODM , to observe accurately, many of the miscreants have privately admitted that they were OCS but not pinged so carried on .....
  19. Not our problem, we were in the clean start hence being in a great position to observe the shambles -not to mention hear the many and varied remonstrations
  20. Once again, yesterday the Commodores cup around Rangitoto race, ( also the Westhaven Triple series final and apparently the Flap memorial) had a start where a good fifty percent were over with an outgoing tide? This race used to be run by the PCC but apparently they were not able, so it was the Richmond. Firstly the start line was way too short for the combined start, then no general recall was called, again why?? There was only one start afterwards so it was not as if there was going to be a long delay for a restart? One or two honest types returned -but if this is the way Auckland
  21. A yachting friend cruising with his family about 30 years ago came across a cat swimming this side of the Barrier -fished it out took it home and it lived a long and happy life with them, they advertised but no one claimed it.
  22. Dont hold your breath waiting for the planes to operate here, also they promised cheaper fares than the existing seaplane to Man o war or Vivian Bay. That is patently impossible with their up front costs.
  23. And not to mention the 500 tonnes of coal a week coming through Auckland port to be burnt at MereMere to make our clean electricity and power these ludicrously expensive 'clean' ferrys. But hey lets not get the facts in the way of a nice story. Fullers are clever, building a hybrid that will run to Waiheke or wherever that can take the inevitable knocks from wharves etc, whilst waiting to see if the full leccy ones work before offering to run them for AT.
  24. Of course the men from the ministry must be building a safety factor into their operating range calculations, and presumably the battery replacement intervals under survey.....
  25. I see that Mcwings have got funding from all of us taxpayers to build two fully electric ferries for the inner harbour (20 mill each) Whilst in the background Fullers have privately funded a Hybrid ferry that can reach Waiheke and return
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