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  1. Fred did make Kero versions but they were not that popular in the oven sizes as dearer, Force 10 and Dickinson do diesel ones.
  2. They can be a little fussy on lighting I can show you if in Auckland
  3. I think the sailing will all go ahead as there are no shore based activities , as has been well signposted and you have to enter online , so as we are all in our crew vaccinated bubbles where is the issue? And many thanks to the volunteers who put it on.
  4. The smell of a kero stove starts the hunger pangs straight away with me after many years with them, easy to use once you know and hotter than gas.
  5. Yes Icom also had one for over 20 years still works fine,thats why the superyachts all use them.
  6. His history is full of conjured up adventure videos with no factual base-so whilst an entertaining fellow to meet in a bar anything he says must be taken with a large dollop of salt.
  7. I have to say some of the trickiest navigating I have done through the rocks south of mimiwhangata and Whangaruru was done with eyeball and a high sun kept all on board entertained (pre navionics)
  8. Great fun last year -we managed to beat all the moderns on line and handicap with an old square sail girl in the A division.
  9. With no Tall Ships this year and this amazing weather, I expect a great turnout so be there or be square on anniversary weekend. (woops not meaning to put down gaffers luggers or junks) Not sure if the Band can play at Scotts -but if so dont miss them .
  10. I wonder what happened to Busby Noble the Maori guy that they met in a bar who left NZ on Nilaya with them without bothering to tell his family, then when they were captured in Chile claimed to have been taken hostage by Jarle when they left Auckland -surely his 'tale' would be a cracker to read.
  11. Both actually 40 years old -bear that in mind.
  12. Has anyone been for a ride on the ship and how many times does it run a day?
  13. If you were living aboard in Tut as some do -double up lines and go ashore, I think apart from the Fuel jetty and the big Cats wanderings most was confined to the piles, perhaps the Fuel jetty floated off the piles as A pier Westhaven started to in Jan 97 Cyclone Drena
  14. CD manager for up North decided not to use the Tsunami alert button and sirens for Tut he said this morning on the radio. CD= Dads Army
  15. Noelex very light -good for racing, Raven very Roomy good for cruising .
  16. Sorry its not being exposed to the North East that does it , it is the harbour shape which creates the tidal bore type surge, which then repeats -coming in there near high tide with an existing big swell just lifted everything
  17. We were lucky at Milford that it came at a lower tide so the sill was up.
  18. It always happens at Tut due to the shape of the harbour, 2011 same , back in the 70s we were at Matapouri and surfing Sandy Bay each day -same thing but with a warning so we all went to 'ride the Tsunami' nothing seen Mum said it came up maybe 2" at Matapouri but Tut was all smashed up -prior to the modern marina though.
  19. There is a follow up to this when they bought an Auckland yacht and took off south again, the skipper just a publicity seeking twit.
  20. Also to address the original title of this thread, Westhaven only came under the council and therefore public in the 90s, prior was part of the Harbour Board like Okahu Hardstand and both run with a tighter control on costs.
  21. I tend to agree broadly AA10 , with two points that have to be borne in mind -the yachties paid for Westhaven Marinas upfront before construction via debentures (the original ones where I started sailing) it is gradually becoming Gulf Harboured check out Beaumont street the few remaining marine businesses are clinging on despite ridiculous rentals, many have already left. We have medical supply companies, corporate travel etc already in Westhaven drive. Orams/Ariadne only managed to get the new yard done by partnering with Panuku the council formed money making landlord.
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