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  1. Na it's a monohull that departed from Aitutaki in the cook islands with a friend of mine on board.
  2. I know of a yacht currently just going past the kermedec islands on it's way to NZ. Passing right through the middle of that frontal system. Dont think it's going to be a very nice few days for them. Potentially extremely nasty even.
  3. Is this the battle of the Townson 34's!
  4. A race is about picking your way through a series of challenges. The more challenges there are the more chances there are to gain. The boat that plays it the best wins. Personally I much prefer a race that offers the maximum challenges possible.
  5. Last race was 2007. http://www.racetrack.org.nz/boat.php?boatid=1488
  6. I actually like the mixup of boats. Gives more opportunity to make gains (or minimize losses). Fleet management is quite a skill.
  7. Yup that was certainly an extreme ride. Terminal velocity of a 35fter seems to be around 27kts...
  8. Fantastic, we had such a fun race back in 2015 on Crusader. Might have to come down again.
  9. Bobstay is going to cause you some issues for the anchor. What's the tube wall thickness? If it's more than about 6-7mm then you could maybe do a bobstay to the half prod from the anchor locker. Then it would all be behind your anchor and never catch. Just a thought.
  10. It's a great boat and in pretty good condition. Was no expense spared when it was launched and it was campaigned very well. I know there is nothing major wrong with it but its basically padlocked to the hard stand until the bills are cleared. I dont think its very fair to be asking for the owner's situation and reason for sale right now on trade me. Maybe it's a touchy subject. Let's be honest if you were a serious buyer for this boat you would probably not be asking your questions on trade me..... Bryce had told people to contact him for more information and that's what they shou
  11. Plus 1 for what Brendan(kick) said about the solid glass on the bow and the tackline through the prod into a snout. I reckon a machined acetal snout that sticks out another 30mm with 1 or 2 verical holes for the bobstay lashing and 1 or 2 horizontal holes for the internal tackline is your best bet. Even if you dont run an internal tackline you can have a short strop with with a friction ring for your 1:1 tackline and the dead end point for your 2:1 with the fairlead aft being a low friction ring on your current tack line attachment. The tackline can just be a fixed length strop wh
  12. You can see out motorboat prod setup there. We had 3 tacklines. One at half prof for the upwind zero is where the bobstay attached, then one at 3/4 prod for the FRO(Fractional reaching zero) and then the one at the end for the gennaker which was 1:1. The 2 zero tackiness were 2:1 for the furler which is essential to stop the furler from twisting. They are both fixed length strips which were dead ended back to the prod to eliminate extra compression on the prod by having the tackling loading aft as well. We made it bullet proof after breaking it at off milford sound in the Round NZ race
  13. I just added a hole through the bow on my boat for the bobstay. Making up a custom bobstay out of carbon and aramid wound between 2 points. Cow hitching the bottom through the hole and lashing the top. This will be retractable so the bobstay cant have any stretch as you need to be able to tension the bobstay with the prod out line. On motorboat we had a D ring through the bow and the bobstay went to half prod as the angle was too tight to go to the end and added too much compression into the prod. This worked well as it was also the code zero point. On the sunfast we had a dogbone i
  14. 26ft = 7.9248m Good for heaps!
  15. First SSANZ ANZAC race to Great Barrier?
  16. Sold out! 40 boats in 3 minutes!
  17. Rogue is in too. Will be interesting to see how quick this sells out.
  18. A couple more of my favorites. Rafted up to our friends on the pogo 1250 in the BVIs. Rogue under gennaker going down the coast of Puerto Rico. San Blas islands playtime on Rogue with the swing setup and kids from every boat on board.
  19. B00B00

    Finn Gold Cup

    Agreed, we have some serious sailing tallent out there at the moment and ontop of that they are also all really great guys.
  20. I could be keen on that Matt. I will ring to discuss if it will work for me.
  21. This is what I have available Nigel https://www.actionoutdoors.kiwi/epages/shop.sf/?Locale=en_NZ&ObjectPath=/Shops/ActionFishing/Products/406111&ViewAction=ViewProductViaPortal&gclid=CjwKCAjw1uiEBhBzEiwAO9B_HRfx_VYfGHnbv0vR5qI06sXmkLriTR5I4QrcEEaCX7rQDG8y91HhvBoC9rIQAvD_BwE
  22. I have a second hand 26L kuuma cylinder with heat exchanger fittings that you could have really cheap. Its 110v for the heating element but as you said it doesn't need to be hooked up to power.
  23. I personally think that's wrong. What if the bottom has recently been washed as the owner looks after his boat and keeps it in good condition? Should he still pay for the haulout and clean so you can do a survey? Buyer should pay the total cost for any checks he wants to do. I would never expect a seller to pay.
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