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Solar Power

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I found an 80 watt would keep up in ideal conditions so just bought two of them, often one of them isn't in an ideal location so works well. Occasionally in the winter I am having to top the batterie

Not sure if you've finished this now but just in case I installed a 140W solid panel on top of my bimini over the summer, mainly to keep my fridge going. In direct sunlight at peak times I've seen it

I thought some might be interested in this. Here is a pic of my solar control panel the other morning. There are two 140w panels in series, producing the voltage on the left, and the associated ampera

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For what it's worth, I have recently purchased an 80 watt solar panel and morning star pwm controller. Nothing flash but solid enough.

It has been running my compressor fridge 24/7 for the last week and the 220 amp hour battery bank is fully charged still.

I have been so impressed I have ordered another panel for the holidays as normally I would be running the engine at least once a day to keep everything charged.

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I'm about to replace mine - 2 old 35 watt units - with a new 120w semi flexible unit. That should run the fridge/freezer and my basic electrical requirements, and pretty much all of it in conjunction with the wind gen.


Interestingly, the 120w unit is about the same dimensions of the 13 year old 35 watt units (combined, not singly)

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Nate, you cannot size solar panels with the info you gave.

We need some further - like how much does the fridge draw, and how often does it's compressor run to maintain the temp? How much draw for the other accessories, and how long are they on for? Once you have a total number of amp/hrs required, you can spec the panels to match your requirements...


Duty Free - You CANNOT run an engine driven compressor based system electrically. Sorry. Those compressors are a couple of HP - you batts would be flat really quickly. What I have in Island Time is both an engine driven system AND and electric system, both cooling the same cabinets, but both completely separate. The electric one is 12 or 240v.



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