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Hi All!


Inexperienced new owner here.


I've got a keel-stepped mast on a GRP boat (Stratus 747). My forward hatch and the mast both leak a little (they're on the to-fix list), and the water coming in has softened the keelson enough that it is compressing/cracking around the base of the mast (right-top side of it in the pic is the worst of it). More experienced friends have had a look and so far no one is panicking, but we all agree it's a problem that needs fixing. An idea I'm liking a lot is adding a steel plate along the keelson to reinforce the wood and spread the load, but this would also then require some kind of barrier between the steel plate and aluminium mast. One suggestion was an ice cream container, since that would then catch any leaked water and I could sponge it out easily.


Anyone else have thoughts?


Thanks in advance :)


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Doesn't quite relate, but someone might get a laugh...


Racing a Fireball on the lower Severn river, 25+ knots, 6 foot waves.


The rig started to go a bit soft, so tightened it up a bit on the first downwind.


End of the next beat it was loose again, assumed the clear was slipping a bit, so pulled it as hard as I could.


By the end of the race it was all floppy again, and the boom seemed to have got a bit lower.


Once ashore we discovered that the hog had got a little moisture inside, and we'd split it down the middle, and the mast step had worked its way about 50mm down the split, and was trying to escape out the bottom.


We won the race but our series was over ????

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FYI, she's GOP (Glass Over Ply) not GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) 


David, the aluminium would have to be pretty thick compared to say mild steel...?


awww bugger I thought GRP was Glass-Reinforced Ply... it made sense in my head.


I would very much like my mast to not escape out the bottom :D

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I assume when you bought it you had a survey that made sure the damp spot didn't extend further? If not go crazy with a small hammer or the handle of a screwdriver tapping everywhere and listening for dull spots.

WHich is not relevant to the question asked but thought I'd throw it in. The good thing about GOP (glass over ply) is it is very easy to work with and repair.

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A nice bit of hardwood carboned up?

Maybe a Alloy I beam that fits over the existing timber. The mast drops on top. The idea being the beams flanges give it stiffness.


Fix the leaks first or sooner rather than later.



The good thing about GOP (glass over ply) is it is very easy to work with and repair.


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