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What can be used for a reefing 'strop'

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I currently have the 'standard' pressed grommet in the main, that is looped over the horn/J hook on the gooseneck when putting in a reef. Often this not the easiest of task shorthanded etc. 


The webbing strap with rings appears to be a nice solution. Also useful for pulling sail down etc



How long should the strap be ?

Could shackles be used in place of ring (saves taking sail off and transporting to sail maker) if a webbing strap is made.

Are there other options,I'm thinking maybe a rope/soft shackle ?


Thanks in advance for feed back

Capture Reef.PNG

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The strop can be easily made yourself, in place. Just two rings and a bit of webbing, plus a little sewing! They are virtually always hand sewn anyway. Make it just long enough to reach the horn for each reef. The slides can stack up a bit on some rigs, so the 2nd reef strop is usually longer than the 1st. If there are three reefs, reef 3 will have the longest.

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I have a dyneema loop through the tack rings on my reefs. Each loop up the reef stack is longer so there is no need to drop slides out as we get to R3. I put the loops onto the T bars with a figure 8 hitch so it won't come off accidentally, never had any chafe issues and it also gives a decent sized grab handle to pull the sail down with. 

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