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Summer Skin Protection

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Thanks for that link IT friggin difficult to find a wide brim in NZ that doesn’t go curly above 10 knots

Similar to this?  

The tube of New Zealand Cancer Society Everyday sunscreen, SPF 50+. I been using has failed AMA testing.  Bloody Hell !!!!! Who can you trust.  Plus the Testing Body (USA) was found to have been duddy

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I bought one of these in Australia last week.

Just back from Afternoon around the buoys racing where i wore it for the first time.

Its been a brilliant day here and usually my face would be glowing in spite of sunscreen , sunglasses and a wide brim hat.

Today my face is cool....

I thought it might be irritating to wear but it wasnt. Didnt interfere with vision nor communication.

So i am very pleased. Much interest from other sailors.

Some said that they felt a little intimidated when i was bearing down on them with just my eyes showing so that is also good ;-).  

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im turning 60  shortly and yes ,already had my fair share of cancery bits removed, I just got a new hat from Torpedo 7, wide brim with a neck flap, also has a stiff peak and a sturdy strap and buckle, stays on great in 30 knts,  the hats are marketed for surfing, best one ive had so far, worth checking out the website

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just got results back from two more skin biopsies - negative this time, but I've had positive ones with surgery too.


And yeah, it's mostly from stupid stuff I did decades ago. 


We're trying to do better with the grandkids - don't let them get all browned up like we used to do. 


Go the AB's - I'm even starting to understand the rules a bit

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Hey guys


Agree about hard trying to find a good hat! One product I have bought which works really well and are super comfortable is icerays (http://www.icerays.co.nz)


They are sleeves which you just pull on to protect your arms - way cooler than wearing a long sleeve top to stop Mr angry sun burning over summer!

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