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Leaving batteries on charge for prolonged periods of time.

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Probably a dumb question but here goes. 

Just before lock down we came back from a few days away and I did what I normally do and put the house batteries on charge. It's a decent charger, galvanic isolated with multi step regulator etc (from memory I think it ends up in a sort of "maintenance state" or something like that). 

Ordinarily I remove the charger next time I go down knowing they are fully topped off... but...you know...COVID.

Any issues with it being sat on the charger for months at a time? Or should the multi-step regulator keep it all in good shape? Thoughts anyone? I could get someone to switch it off at the shore end if needed but not sure it's a problem?

BTW they are pretty new batteries, both same brand and 100 and something Ahrs each so they should be in good order to start with.

BTW2 being at home all day means I get a lot of time to worry about stuff I probably shouldn't worry about!


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I hope it's okay because I've got two C-Teks running out at the hangar. I had another charger on as well but as I couldn't establish it's maintenance ability so I disconnected it. I've just been told I'm allowed to do a maintenance run on the plane, no flying though :-(, so i'll check them out this week.

Luckily the boat has a very good solar system so thats not a worry

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Theoretically they can stay on a "maintenance" or "float" charge indefinitely.  In my experience though, I've seen batts prematurely die with this regime - over years though, not months. I'm not sure why this is. 

On my own boat I use shore power to run the fridge at the dock, but leave the batt charger off - solar keeps batts full. 

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1 hour ago, Knot Me... maybe said:

If you have a real good charger you'll be fine, most these days are smarter than the users.


We've been told this morning we can do short do not leave the circuit flights to keep currency but no more. But my medical fell off 3 weeks ago, bum!

Automatic extension of medicals and BFR's til 24th June is in place

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I’ve been plugged into shore power & charging 24/7 for years - the longest single stint being literally about 9 months whilst I was living outside NZ - and had no problems. But I was using professionally installed kit including Victron charger. I’ve had several Victron units over the years and I reckon they’re the real deal (although not cheap). 

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