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Sealant for acrylic windows

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I have attached some before and after photos of my window replacement incase anyone is interested. Once again I appreciate all the great advice I got from this forum which was a big part of the job go

looks great! Well done

Bruce Elliott put me onto modified silicon years ago (same as Quilosa). A very good sealant. You can buy it from Placemakers and possibly other hardware stores. Come in a variety of colours. I us

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Nothing worse than lots of different suggestions...

However, I done my windows about 6 months ago and used Mastersil SMP50 with original window frames reinstalled over the top. Raven 26 so the windows get submerged a fair bit and after 500 miles are still leak free. 

Would definately use again and its cheap from Burnsco.. currently 2 tubes for $40.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I feel there are probably several good products that will do the job. I am sure whatever I use will be 100 times better than what was there, looked very old with several different products used for repairs over the years? I will try and attach a photo.

Basically a recess that the window sits in and then the moulding with screw holes goes over top. 


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