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Seafaring nation?

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Quite a few actual details in this story. Sounds a bit harsh putting them in Mt Eden, when they could be at the Rydges or something.

Can't help but think they are being made an example of. Would be interested in a maritime law point of view, if they have a leaking boat and damaged mast, surely they'd be allowed safe harbour?


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I don't see how they would be 'stuck' in Tahiti? With a Carte de Seyjour, they could easily sail to Nuka Hiva or sail to the eastern Tuamotu for hurricane season, or even Hawaii to the north. The

Well yes there sort of is rational and sort of a sh*t load of it. As noted they did ask to come and were told No so what did they do, they thought f*ck you new Zealand, f*ck your laws, f*ck the r

They want to come to NZ not because their son died, not because of weather problems, but because their broker says the yacht will sell more easily here. They left and buried their son in the uk,

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48 minutes ago, Fish said:

Would be interested in a maritime law point of view, if they have a leaking boat and damaged mast, surely they'd be allowed safe harbour?

Section 13 of the border order states that if a ship is in distress and/or it is necessary to preserve human life, then the clauses which prevent non-New Zealand citizens or foreign vessels from entering do not apply. In those circumstances, vessels will be allowed to enter New Zealand.

However, any deliberate attempt to contravene the order would be liable for prosecution and may result in a $15,000 NZD fine, imprisonment of up to 12 months, or forfeiture of the vessel.

I can't see how this section could possibly apply to any vessel unless it's on the way to/from Antarctica.  It's not like they were throwing in a quick circumnavigation of NZ on the way to Fiji and decided to stop for repairs.

There is also nothing to suggest that they declared an emergency.  Had they declared an emergency while still awaiting the result of their exemption application the outcome might of been different for them.

The article implies that the damage occurred before they received the rejection and that they then chose to continue to NZ.

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A maritime lawyer says there may be a legal argument for allowing foreign yachts into New Zealand when they can prove where they have been through electronic tracking.

Hundreds denied entry because of the border closure have tried convincing authorities they pose no threat because of the time it takes to sail here.


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1 hour ago, dutyfree said:

I think the Government is being dicks.  They  have generated such a level of fear that reason has gone out the window.

and yet there seems to be international flights continuing to arrive almost daily from India (rapidly catching up to USA's case count), almost always carrying at least 1 COVID case. Of the 12 cases announced today 10 came from India. 

go figure??

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