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Seafaring nation?

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I don't see how they would be 'stuck' in Tahiti? With a Carte de Seyjour, they could easily sail to Nuka Hiva or sail to the eastern Tuamotu for hurricane season, or even Hawaii to the north. The

Well yes there sort of is rational and sort of a sh*t load of it. As noted they did ask to come and were told No so what did they do, they thought f*ck you new Zealand, f*ck your laws, f*ck the r

They want to come to NZ not because their son died, not because of weather problems, but because their broker says the yacht will sell more easily here. They left and buried their son in the uk,

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2 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

Why does this keep getting repeated when it is not correct?

Because the media said it?

Apparently they were supposed to know exactly how this covid thing would pan out including how every country would manage their border six months into the future as well.



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54 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

How do you safely sail from Tahiti to Germany in July? What route do you suggest?

Its not July, its October. In a month it will be November.

You can go from Tahiti to Europe via Cape Horn, just like some french guy did back in the early 60's, or you could head west, across the top of Aust, across the Indian Ocean and take your pick of the Suez Canal or Cape of Good Hope. By the time you get to Good Hope, it will be Christmas and a few less storms. There is enough of the world's navies around Suez now for it to be safe as houses. Just as long as no one starts a war in any number of the countries in that general area... All you need is a reliable water maker, (either an RO unit, or a tarp with a hole in it...) and quiet a few tins of food.

Plenty have sailed half way around the world none stop. The issue is probably more the wanting to, and the inertia of changing plans from where you actually want to go. Or the hope that some closer country will be reasonable and let you in. Especially if you offer to spend $50k at the first boat yard you find.

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7 hours ago, marinheiro said:

and yet there seems to be international flights continuing to arrive almost daily from India (rapidly catching up to USA's case count), almost always carrying at least 1 COVID case. Of the 12 cases announced today 10 came from India. 

go figure??

And the relevance of NZ residents or citizens returning from India is what?  The reason we have quarantine is because NZers flying in can get here in 24 to 30 hours from anywhere in the world, as of right.  I would like to see a boat get here in 24 hours.

Funny how James Cameron and his film crew (filling their boots with NZ tax payer film subsidies) can get in.  America's cup crews can get in (also for tax payer subsidised activities), but a few hundred boaties cant.  And so what if a bunch of rich super yachts arrived, as long as they can support themselves (a standard requirement to come here as a tourist anyway), go through quarantine, just like the film crew, the americas cup crews etc and then spent money here?? What a bloody tragedy that would be.

What are we scared of, 1m people suddenly sailing to the arse end of the earth, to COVID nirvana??

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We are not scared of anything.

Its called management.

The COVID event is not finished.  No-one can reliably say when that blessed day will arrive.  In that situaiton, we could conceivably have people arrive here and then be unable to leave for an extended period - perhaps up to two years.  Where would they go?  Everywhere is some degree of closed.

Movie crews arrive with documents stipulating their return to point of origin - its common for many work visas including some of staff I have.  Cruising boats, not so much.

They are germans.  Germany has a well funded consular network.  They were not in peril, they were inconvenienced at worse.  Had they been in peril, their government would have stepped in.

The world has changed folks.  The dreamy little gypsy fantasy of moving around the ocean at whim is on hold.  Get used to it.  


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