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Seafaring nation?

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34 minutes ago, aardvarkash10 said:

Hire a NZ crew to fly up (or sail up) and bring it back.

Good point, we read on a Facebook site where a NZ citizen offered to sail a boat to NZ.... if someone was "stuck" with their boat and could not come to New Zealand.

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I don't see how they would be 'stuck' in Tahiti? With a Carte de Seyjour, they could easily sail to Nuka Hiva or sail to the eastern Tuamotu for hurricane season, or even Hawaii to the north. The

Well yes there sort of is rational and sort of a sh*t load of it. As noted they did ask to come and were told No so what did they do, they thought f*ck you new Zealand, f*ck your laws, f*ck the r

They want to come to NZ not because their son died, not because of weather problems, but because their broker says the yacht will sell more easily here. They left and buried their son in the uk,

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16 minutes ago, Fogg said:

... assuming that citizen can find a way to present themselves to their home country's border i.e. via land, sea or air.

And there is the rub.  Having sold the yacht, our hypothetical sailor is pretty much limited to returning to the UK on commercial flights.  If the govt of the day restricts seat numbers inbound (as we have) the effect is the same regardless of the citizen's rights. - they join a queue of people trying to book a seat.

I understand the PM has sent this specific situation back to the MoH for a closer look.  She definitely will not want to get involved as decisionmaker but has likely given some "direction and guidance" to MoH.

Kindly, of course.

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Actually it's surprisingly easy to get to the UK on commercial flights right now. One of my best friends did it last week - Singapore Air had flights every other day out of Auckland to Singapore and onto London. He sent me a video of the flight - here it is below. if it was other way around then a European government looking at NZ might be concerned how long the queue would be to get onto a flight here. But going the other way it's not an issue and unlikely to become one. My friend wasn't even stopped or questioned at Heathrow either at Immigration or Customs - just waved through a very quiet airport.


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Doesn't sound like this family have been told they can just sail here.

But sounds like the local industry is trying to organize shipping for a bunch of boats (without owners) so they can be sold in NZ. Would be a reasonable outcome for a bunch of people if that can happen. Not to mention the taxes paid straight to the govt.


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The family in question have already been back to the UK and now returned to their boat, prior to all this publicity, as a NZ citizen I can fly direct to the UK and walk off the plane to visit my offspring anytime at present, this may change as Britain wakes up slowly .

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