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Coastal 2020

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1 hour ago, DrWatson said:

Who won the cockle shell hero trophy this year? Used to go to the smallest boat to finish. Be a bit embarrassing to walk away with that trophy even though you were sailing a 35footer, or a 40...

Cockleshell Trophy went to the 10m Cat Exodus


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Again I'd like to highlight the comments about how good the party was. Is the Coastal Classic a yacht race or a party? The quality of the racing is being substantially degraded to enable a b

So, 119 NM in 28.5h if you’re in div 5.  If it’s upwind the whole way, which we know is not likely as you’d normally get a reprieve if and when you round Brett, but just for argument‘s sake let’s

I would call it an 'Event' rather than having to define it as either a race or a party. People do these 'events' for many different reasons but in all cases its for a weekend enjoying doing what you l

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Who would have thought we’d see less than 20 boats make the finish, and an intrepid fleet of the same size slogging it out until the bitter end at 3pm Saturday?

It’s 2020’s favourite expression: unprecedented, and a test of the fine print in the Sailing Instructions that nobody has paid much attention to, until now. For those who continued racing until 3pm, you “will be eligible for separate prizes which may be awarded if finishing in this manner”.

We know some of you are feeling the prizegiving didn’t acknowledge the efforts that the on-water finishers put in, and we agree. We will be honouring the clause above and rest assured that since Saturday, we have been pivoting (the other favourite 2020 word) to create a solution to reward you for your hard work. Stay tuned, we will announce how, when and where shortly.

The NZMYC committee, organizers of the PIC Coastal Classic, have only admiration for the perseverance shown on the water in all divisions. The race saw a true display of sportsmanship and commitment to the race from those who finished in Russell, finished on the water, or decided to retire early only because they knew they couldn’t make it in time.   

To every weekend warrior who put months of preparation into this important event on NZ’s sailing calendar, you are the lifeblood of the PIC Coastal Classic. We are impressed at how many of you turned up for the prizegiving and danced until closing time at the afterparty. You are an inspiring lot, and we reckon if it weren’t for the light winds, this would have been our best race yet.

Thanks for your continued support of the race, and we hope to have you back in 2021!

- Greer Houston, New Zealand Multihull Yacht Club Commodore


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I'm just getting my head around winning line honours without crossing the line.

But there is a concept there. Its like a Mark Foy race in reverse. The boat furtherest up the race course at the cut off time wins.

So the objective is to travel as far as possible in a set time, rather than cover a set distance as fast as possible.

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34 minutes ago, Deep Purple said:

Actually any boat still racing at 3pm will be awarded a place, just not a time. That applies if the boat hasn’t even cleared Rodney.


So reading that, a boat may still win line honours even if no boats in that division finish within the time limit. 



Yes I saw that, but there are prizes put up by sponsors for handicap Positions, what happens to the prizes? 

it entirely conceivable that in a division where three boats had crossed the line, a boat that finished a number of hours after the shutoff, could easily topple one of those three for a podium position on handicap and therefore a prize - ie something of value. 
In such a situation it might seem unfair and a deliberate attempt to keep the slower boats out of the prizes despite  the race officially being run under a handicap system. 

I assume that as prizes are often valued at over 50 bucks the giving of prizes needs to occur in a transparent manner?  Is there any scrutiny? Is $50 the limit? (That’s what it is for office sweepstakes, no? Same set of rules?)

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25 minutes ago, Fish said:

So the objective is to travel as far as possible in a set time, rather than cover a set distance as fast as possible.

If no boat in a division crossed the line you could also do handicap prizes unter the same  method. Would make it super tactical.

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