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Coastal 2020

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Again I'd like to highlight the comments about how good the party was. Is the Coastal Classic a yacht race or a party? The quality of the racing is being substantially degraded to enable a b

So, 119 NM in 28.5h if you’re in div 5.  If it’s upwind the whole way, which we know is not likely as you’d normally get a reprieve if and when you round Brett, but just for argument‘s sake let’s

I would call it an 'Event' rather than having to define it as either a race or a party. People do these 'events' for many different reasons but in all cases its for a weekend enjoying doing what you l

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48 minutes ago, Veladare said:

IMHO its fine right where it is.. I note those with the most opinion here about lack of coverage and why they didnt have up to date notifications on this that and the other didnt race...


I personally think media / social media coverage is a nice to have in a yacht race. It is not important to me as a competitor. The trackers are handy, and easy, though. I go racing for the challenge and adventure, not to get my photo on Facebook. Understand there are different drivers for coverage though, mainly ROI for sponsors.

I def would not advocate changing the date the race is run. The Coastal is a Labour weekend icon, and generally scene as the opening event of the summer racing calendar.

The issue for me is the cut off time. Moving the slower boats start time earlier would be a pragmatic way to go.

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35 minutes ago, Fish said:

SSANZ numbers are going through the roof. Why? One element, you normally have a race you can finish.

I don't think that's the reason.  I would say SSANZ numbers are going through the roof cause it's easy to find a co-skipper that wants the two-handed challenge.

How come we get 180 boats for SSANZ but less than 30 boats for the RAYC Gold Cup Series or the Commodore Cup Series, which are the same length races?  This isn't to do with having a race that a boat can finish - there is something else at play here.

Not being an expert, I think the problem is more demand on peoples time and more choice of things to do.  That choice could even be a different, (usually faster), boat.

It's super easy to find crew for Coastal, everyone wants to do it.  But finding 8 people who want to be part of a continuous repeatable team that only has room for 8 people in the team is much more challenging.

I turned down 6 "walk-ins" for Coastal this year - great problem to have - but it's not a problem I have for any other race.

It seems that the big boats aren't suffering this problem as much while the smaller boats are dropping off and disappearing from the fully crewed fleet - that's a guess - I don't know it for certain.


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I wouldn't disagree CarpeDiem, but the corollary of what you are saying is that we would get a lot more boats entered in the Coastal, if they thought they could finish. And the Coastal may well become a vector for older / slower boats or crew back into regular racing.

On the Gold Cup, I think the big difference between that and the SSANZ events is the one division for the Gold Cup, and the need to have a very competitive boat, or just get spat out the back. I have raced it on my boat in the past, and basically had to bank on a complete drifter to be competitive on handicap.

SSANZ has a range of divisions suited to everything from Piedy's to grand prix boats. The Coastal has a wide range of divisions, but makes it really hard for the smaller, older or slower boats.

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Most boats ever was 275, forget the year but close to 2001. Perhaps the 21st race, maybe 2003? 

SSANZ gets more entries these days because it starts and stops in Auckland and the two crew on board are back in their own beds by midnight. The after race get togethers have stopped altogether and I don’t meant the island party. I recall when groups gathered at the squadron or swashbucklers after the races.

Also for that reason Coastal is an expensive and difficult race to run. Especially in a town, at times, indifferent to the race. Throw in accomodation, 2 sets of race officers, logistics, water taxi’s, councils.

SSANZ is not immune to retirements, look at this years long race, or most years actually where one race is a blow.

coastal is cat3 as opposed to SSANZ cat 4 and cat 3 certs only last for 2 years now. Also half the SSANZ fleet don’t even need a phrf. Another hundred every year


Coastal prizegiving used to be Sunday morning but it got embarrassing to the sponsors at the few people there. So many left after finishing, after the party, early in the morning.

Drifters will happen. I recall on sundreamer finishing late Saturday afternoon. 


its not a small boat race which isn’t necessarily a bad thing anymore than making all the boats in SSANZ sail the long course. Because the bigger boats finish in breeze it is very hard for smaller boats to finish in the overall results. They could start Thursday night but chances are they could spend 2 nights drifting. And would they not want to be part of the start parade?

I’m sure coastal will stay as it is for a long time yet. 

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17 hours ago, Fish said:

The issue for me is the cut off time.

Yup, this is it for me, too. Either make the cutoff 19.45 and start the prize giving at 20h then party at 21 or have no cutoff because all but the very slowest boats would be in by the time the prize giving starts, and it’s less likely that those last few boats are going to feature in the prizes. 

Who won the cockle shell hero trophy this year? Used to go to the smallest boat to finish. Be a bit embarrassing to walk away with that trophy even though you were sailing a 35footer, or a 40...

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