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Cockpit mounted throttle - fix or replace

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Go for it ! if you have basic mech skills its no problem, take photos of everything but you should be able to find a manual on line. Mine is not the same model but its  27 years old and just had its second strip and rebuild so its ready for another decade. This time around I replaced the pressed steel cable mounting plate with sheet lexan from and old window.

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Thanks for the tips everyone, the job turned out to be a piece-of-cake and the good use of a few hours. 

I removed the unit from the boat, stipped it down (carefully), cleaned large volumes of gunk out of it, greased it up, reassembled and reinstalled, and now its working like brand new one. 

The internal workings were completely clogged with a thick sludge of which I assume was old grease and salt.

Thanks again



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