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Watching practice races?

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ETNZ beat Ineos in first matchup. American Magic won second against Ineos.


Sadly i agree. And the hype makes it alot like professional wrestling. 

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We are one of the Stake Boats marking out the spectator fleet boundary 

Its all a big learning curve with 3 different organisations organising different parts, plus on top of that the race marks can only be towed at 4.5kts and then someone has to climb inside to anchor then.

Be patient and just head for the general area and it will all become apparent.

The organisation has improved heaps since the practice days earlier in the week.

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I think one of the purposes of the regatta is to test the logistics as well as the boats. 
Not sure about the on water stuff but the TV commentary was awful In places. They didn’t know how many laps to be done, the graphics didn’t line up with the markers, the commentators weren’t listening or couldn’t hear race radio so didn’t report what the judge was saying, on and on. Compared to Bermuda they have a looonnng way to go. 

Fantastic race watching nonetheless. 

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