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Watching practice races?

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Makes sense. I get the start times so know whats happening live and then after they have gone past or there are exciting bits, we can re watch 2 mins later on the tv down below. works quite well.

Youtube is good, streams better than TVNZ (which sux) and has better commentators.

Watching those boats in the prestart in front of you or bearing away at top mark hasnt got dull yet... (and Ive been out there 6 of last 7 days)

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ETNZ beat Ineos in first matchup. American Magic won second against Ineos.


Sadly i agree. And the hype makes it alot like professional wrestling. 

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the race director Iain Murray might be able to offer them a reprieve - with additional practice days if the harbourmaster and all teams can agree.

"I would like to be out there on some more days, clearly there aren't any days on the schedule at the moment," Murray said

"The days that I had pencilled into my diary were the 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th [of January] as maybe days that it might be possible but there is a lot of agreement needed on that."


Racing takes a break until 15 January when the three challengers will be back competing for the Prada Cup to win the right to race Team New Zealand for the America's Cup in March.


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