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Watching practice races?

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On 21/12/2020 at 10:02 AM, CarpeDiem said:

1990s Strockholm:


1989-90 Gothenburg:


and MIT did something like the manta even earlier, I think.

The Trampofoil guys got some free TV time at the time. They tried to go commercial but this simply too niche. In later years one of them has been involved in a foiling motorboat project with better economical backing. That project may take off (pun intended).



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ETNZ beat Ineos in first matchup. American Magic won second against Ineos.


Sadly i agree. And the hype makes it alot like professional wrestling. 

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looks like more practice races monday, tuesday...but not much information on when and where yet

A compromise has clearly been reached and the Herald understands all four teams will have practice races on Monday and Tuesday before the challengers' boats are officially measured on Wednesday ahead of the Prada Cup opening round robin starting on Friday.

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7 minutes ago, erice said:

thanks, went down to the viaduct and got a bit of information from the yellow clad guides

as above plus ineos seem the only team interested in a semi-organised 1 on 1 race with etnz

prada and america magic preferred to go their own way today

ETNZ beat Ineos in first matchup.

American Magic won second against Ineos.

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