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"OUR" fizz boat water wankers

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There's been some discussion about exceeding 5 knots and wakes causing disruption to the enjoyment of others (not to mention SAFETY) and of course licensing of recreational boat operators.

The attached vid' was posted in another topic but if you missed it then here it is.... the Tamaki Estuary at its "finest"!

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Yep, leaving the Tamaki Estuary on Saturday morning I wish I had my camera ready. I was passed by three fiz boats in succession (within 30 seconds) on the port side of the channel, within 100 metres of other vessels. The picture would have caught all three vessels in the same frame with other boats around with a 5 knot speed sign front and centre. Unbelievable!


B*gg*r licensing, we just need someone to enforce the rules we already have!

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The problem is most of these guys probably are'nt the assholes, they seem to turn into when they get out on the water. Surely! The percentage of power boaties that behave like this on the water is huge and I can not believe these same people behave like this when they drive home. They either have absolutley no idea of the rules or because there is zero enforcement they can safely ignore them. Unfortunately I'm afraid it is only a matter of time before licensing is required unless something changes.

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Alot of these guys are not so much wankers as clueless I reckon.


We just spent a week at snells/algies bay, and blimin heck the number of boats exceeding 5 knots close to shore was almost 100%.


A mildly irate bloke pointed out to a jet skier who was towing his daughters on a floaty toy thing alongside the busy launching ramp at snells.

1. where the water ski lane was

2. What the speed limit was 200m from shore


The jet skier was fairly calm and cavalier about the whole thing, but I really think he had no idea of the rules or the risk, and probably thought it was just a guy who hates jet ski's.


A 200m buoy with 5 knots on it, and clear signage, at every major public ramp/beach might help.

Although even then not sure most would know what 5 knots was like (without a working log). Or what 50m/200m was without a marker buoy.

It would need to dumb down the signage to "5 knots is Fast walking speed", "50m is the halfway line" for many of them.


At least licensing would ensure the elementary rules had been passed on and there was evidence a fizz boaty had gone to the trouble to get one. Also would prevent loaning a fizz boat/jet ski to a complete muppet, without risking losing the boat (assuming there was some enforcement of this kind)


It would also be easier to enforce licenses at the ramp than rule breakers on the water,


Not usually in favour of licenses in general (prefer education) as suspect it is only a matter of time before fizz boat licenses become boatie licenses for all. Esp when the appropriate govt department realised the revenue it needed to implement/enforce it all and it had to be user pays.


I reckon we are doomed to have them tho, as it would only take a bad season of accidents to make it an easy sell politically.


Until then I have seen alot of sailors holding up 5 splayed fingers to fizzies exceeding 5 knots within the zone.

I have seen this work on several occassions. Especially when combined with the lunatic enraged gaze of the deranged sailor becoming slightly unhinged.

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I have found holding up the camera slows quite a few down.


Had a tiny target on the radar earlier, it was a boat anchored between Devonport Wharf and Fergusson wharf - right in the middle, no lights and they appeared to be fishing... A bright search light pointed at them and suddenly they found the light switch.

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true most of these are the point and shoot types and noticed it was all shot downstream of the boatramp, the real assholes hit the pedal at about the last panmure mark and dont as a rule back off till somewhere near halfmoon bay, seen a couple go pretty close at pace to the rowing skiffs that're there most weekend mornings and it is surprising the number of bigger boats in the mix, may well be time for "no wake zones" extending from music point to browns and from browns island to bean rock and through to north head, may even get beaches back at glendowie, karaka bay and tamaki yacht club not to mention what's happening at bucks

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Gulf Harbour Marina is a no wake zone from the breakwater entrance but does it make any difference? Not at all. There are a small number of launch drivers who respect this but most go up the fairway at over 5 knots pushing a tsunami out from their fat ugly bows.

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