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  1. Actually it is, except in high hydro storage and inflows. And will be when Transpower undertake this: https://www.transpower.co.nz/news/transpower-seeks-input-clutha-upper-waitaki-lines-project But some HVDC upgrade may be required to get the max out. The HVDC is generally unconstrained i.e. can transmit more. Plus the hydro plants will optimize their production.
  2. Can you please rephrase that in either english or some close approximation. You are like some crazy algal bloom, clogging up all of the the threads.
  3. I agree. It is not bullying etc as rehab may argue, he is just plainly a pain in the arse.
  4. can they paint it fluro orange? Against the Auckland skyline it is almost impossible to see these days
  5. But do you know what you are getting?
  6. Use someone else? Have not used them for years.
  7. Why not get one of these? www.heatspace.co Slightly more expensive, but seems to have done some research, sells the originals. NZ based and warranty??
  8. dutyfree

    She's Back...

    Based on my extensive evaluation of the wound (sarcasm), but looking at the photo with the clear scrape mark that links to the hole, I would assess a puncture wound. Way less sensational than a bullet hole, which would have required someone to be quite close with a silencer???? Which seems most likely? Someone wandering around with a silenced rifle or a leopard seal with a known propensity to attack inflatables and who knows what else (I watched her skin and eat a fur seal in Westhaven, including throwing it around like a rag doll)? Or someone with a rifle that no one heard?
  9. dutyfree

    She's Back...

    I have seen pretty extensive bleeding from a nail in my foot, a slice to my hand etc. You can have your opinion, but given what I have seen her up to in the marina I would place way more weight on a nail or screw than being shot.
  10. Dont have one, but friends do. Seems to work well. We have a very good fan and have no problems with mold etc. We dont have a standard shower and so a shower dome would not work. Heat rises apparently, so fan location is important
  11. Fish, just add him to your ignore. He has more positions than the karma sutra, and his make less sense.
  12. dutyfree

    She's Back...

    I see they still have the "likely shot in face" on their page. I have never really looked at the photo before, but can anyone else see the big scratch that seems to start at the puncture wound? Strange thing for a bullet to create.
  13. dutyfree

    She's Back...

    Ahh blaming the cousins now. Fur seals probably damage them by trying to jump in them judging by the size of the one I saw sunning itself at Westhaven last year.
  14. thats an interesting unit, I think. I have a 12v and 24v system with two alternators. Does this system let me connect the two battery banks together?
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