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  1. Has anyone seen anything from the WMUA on this? I am a member but I have not had anything from them which is a surprise. I am surprised by A and B. They tried to charge for utilities previously and I thought they gave up? We are constantly told there is a waiting list, that we can only spend one night on our boats etc so I don't get what they are after, other than higher fees. They need 75% to agree I think, so I was thinking this would be a great opportunity to get a lease extension etc in return.
  2. Right, rather than debate the lock-down cruise or non-cruise have any Westhaven berthholders responded to the consultation on: a) Permitting non-recreational boats to use selected berths within the Marina; b) The introduction of a user pays regime for utilities in the Marina; c) Allowing berth holders to sublet their marina berths for 12 months or more; and d) Permitting "Live on Board" at Panuku's discretion. Responses due 5pm 14th April. Explanatory Note.pdf
  3. Exactly, as an Aucklander I really don't give a flying poo about the rest of the country, and yes I have a huge boat, fark the rest of you blah blah..................or I could have a genuine concern about human rights, but you clearly understand me so well.
  4. And causing what problem? This is a massive intrusion into our human rights. If we are maintaining recommended distancing then there should be no impediment. We have many weeks to go yet.
  5. They are dorks. I have been down twice. I have yet to see one of them anywhere around the marina.
  6. We were renting privately and the license holder wanted to sell. At that point we would have had to go on the waiting list to stay in the marina, so we bought it. We just thought of it as the capitalised cost of the rental (taking account of the OPEX charge). For us it worked out cheaper than renting over the same time period (using a discounted cashflow approach). No estimate of whether we would continue to lease/rent etc.
  7. Westhaven is not locked down. I was just down on my boat. You probably got the same confused courtesy call I got a couple of days ago. It went like, Hi, this is a courtesy call from Westhaven, have you checked your boat lately? No I said, is something wrong with it? No we just wondered if you had checked it? Has something happened to it? No, no, but we can check it if you want. Thats okay, I can walk there in 5 minutes. We really dont want people coming here they said. Thats fine I said, I will check it myself.
  8. i have changed insurance companies, swapped to Baileys. Still going to get the LPG redesigned.
  9. So I finally had to get an out of water survey/boat builder inspection for my insurance company. No real issues except for not having a gas compliance certificate. That is not really a surprise as the boat has not had any gas work done on it any time recently. However I now need to either shift my gas locker, modify the existing gas locker or remove the LPG. Even though the existing gas locker is outside, has significant venting it does not meet the current requirements. Rather than putting another hole in the hull to provide a lower venting point and redesigning and sealing the locker I am getting it moved to a stern locker that already has a vent etc. I had already had the gas fitter down to look and recommend a solution as I figured this day would come. Of interest is that the insurance company has basically said I don't have any insurance until fixed. 30 years old boat, no problems to date, assessed as in great condition. They said this the day they received the report. My broker is clarifying this as it seems OTT. I have also pointed out that I cant get the guy to fix it until we move back from Alert 4.
  10. Sounds like the nice guy who talked to us at Westhaven about not cleaning our hull out in the Gulf and to keep it free of these damn bio-organisms. He did not have an answer for why the marina did not have to keep itself clean or whether it was responsible for providing a jumping off spot to our hull.
  11. You can get a skippered cat. We did it with three other couples, all people we knew mind you. They do mix together ones too. 45ft cat, own room and head etc. Skipper and stewardess. Great way to do it.
  12. We have a special orange bag too as we ended up not using it
  13. The truck was on the opposite side of the fuel office to the rubbish bin area, with a little sign
  14. There was a rubbish guy there but not on Sundays and public holidays. Nice guy. Not sure what they thought would happen when he was not there. We bought a bag but ended up not using it. Recycled stuff was free, normal rubbish you needed a bag. Saw the pile getting bigger while we were there. We are lucky in that we have a rubbish storage area, but still prefer the barge.
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