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    Toaster ss mesh

    Secret with the dixon is to get it hot first(element),then wind it back down on a small ring before you put desired bread on too toast.Element when hot will toast far more evenly.
  2. Thanks to Dave, Becs, Angus, Sally and Suellen for the great course today. Great tempo, context and content. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve and better understand appropriate first response and patient management where help isn't necessarily available.
  3. Nicely put steadfast...far too much brainwashing going on in modern western capitalist democracies. Freedom of choice is key...and that freedom (or lack of) is a direct result of your previous choices.
  4. Agreed....would be good to hear....photos looked awesome when first applied
  5. Smithy could this be cut down to fit my boat? Reason I ask is my twin foil which looks very similar is pretty tired and I haven't killed all my foil type headies....yet
  6. splat


    I had heard mast steps had been moved aft in certain 930's...
  7. Ballystick...was boat epoxy tow pack primed then coppercoat, then micron 66 black?
  8. Funny....could never figure out why the boat has so many coats and colours....but starting to get older coat adhesion issues four colours below!
  9. Thanks everyone. IT and Knot me, my concern lies with long runs where the batt is in good condition...almost fully charged and I don't want to have to physically stop and disconnect to prevent overvoltage. I would like to leave connected no matter what...but system voltage shoul never exceed 14.4v (AGM max).Why can't you use a mosfet type controller to regulate?
  10. Knot me-how did you tweak rectifier regulator supply? I ask cause having put a meter on mine the voltage can be quite high and with an AGM batt I really think it needs to be better regulated so as not to damage batt on long runs. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks everyone....Ballystick is in the know...well is tight now especially with remotes coming in to engine on port side of motor. Getting pretty tired of burning (and carrying) so much gas. Good to see general consensus on 9.9F-stroke if or 8 if possible. Thanks for the input.
  12. Hey Team, What is the best outboard for power, weight and fuel economy for a 930? Motor is currently tohatsu 9.8 two stroke. Outboard is mounted vertical in special well on a carriage lifted by rope purchase. Knot me ...what say you? Anyone using a yammie 9.9 hi thrust? Or a 15F stroke?
  13. I'm in and looking forward to learning some new stuff.
  14. Knot Me as a fellow 'Knot really a 930 owner ( Ballistic) I read many of your comments with amusement. Regional Councils do exist south of the Bombay hills and they are bound by statute to adminster the Harbours Act, MoT, RMA etc . The relevant bylaws as Grant points out are readily available via the interweb thingy, a casual call to the relevant regional council or in most cases a call to the local boat or yacht club. ...oh and by the way there is a current almanac on the boat....although much of the relevant and most relevant info is easily accessible now via the interweb through the mini
  15. Loosemoose - try to speak with John Begg at NPCL who owns the gazelle Aquasition ...it is well set up and well sailed. Then have a look at Private Bin or Cruise Control for N25's. I owned an N25 for a bit when my son & daughter were both very young. Really enjoyed it and very versatile boats. be careful with trailers as very expensive and bear in mind most boats of this vintage will have very tired sails, rigging and running rigging.
  16. NPCL has existing trailer and cradle haul out at present... no travelift as yet...marina stage one only 130 berths I think. See http://www.teanamarina.co.nz/
  17. splat


    I have read Tupaia....really enjoyed it
  18. sail number is all you need as YNZ approved sporting body - most TY's if they have been raced will have been required to have the sail number at the right size on either side of the boat - nothing new here for ' joe average' TY sailor or keelboat owner
  19. Solo Wine Race Tory to Welly last week
  20. The poor guy in Tauranga. I did the Wine race across the strait on Friday solo and despite the great forecast I was clipped in the whole time...far to easy to make a mistake on your own tight/ beam reaching heeled over and lurch straight out over the leeward lifeline. Really interesting feeling being clipped in up front doing sail change etc, as it is so reassuring. Doesn't change your approach to tasks though just a another level of security.
  21. This is the central response
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