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  1. This is what I'm using...easy to clean. Will need a recoat shortly.
  2. Prime... and follow timing/drying recommendations
  3. Typically, internal antennae will shoot through/ receive through glass/foam, ply etc with no issues. Metals not so much. An external antennae will be more accurate. A little concerned re solar panel location. As others have said best to simply do a temporary test in each of the various options.
  4. Zozza, what is the boat made of and what would be directly above Unit....i.e. winches etc?
  5. Just a quick update as I now understand it via Navico B&G tech support ALK today. The link app is/was apparently suppose to be supeceded by a new product/app in Q3 of this 2021 but due to customer demand/outcry is to be retained in the interim. Navico is working with link app developers to remedy curent bug in app to fix current inability to connect for users. As of today this is apparently to occur in the next 10 days approximately. A new/updated version of link will be availble via your app store which should address connectivity issues. We talked about B&G app inability t
  6. We purchased in late December 2020 - used Xmas cruise - this is an excellent dinghy, capable of carrying four persons and gear with ease - ideal ship to shore for 4 persons or for 2 - 3 persons fishing. Too many dinghies - must sell. The Happy Kiwi BD Series is a premium high-quality inflatable boat that offers the best of both worlds, compact and lightweight while offering extreme durability, including reinforced high strength floor and inflatable V hull providing better stability and ride. These lightweight inflatable keelboats are tough enough to be used in most types of water,
  7. I did the TP update 1.1.04 to a TP22 and wind now works as it should. Just check what is providing TWD ,TWS. AWD and AWS. Before the update I was having the Zeus3 tell me that the TP was providing the wind data and wouldn't let me select anything else. I now have the Zeus doing it and the Tritons are displaying all relevant wind data (which I assume is available to the TP from the Zeus3!)
  8. I think I have the same problem on a Zeus 3 - 7 - it use to mirror to my Samsung A7 via the link app faultlessly and since a most recent software upgrade I can't get it to connect (I even deleted link app and reloaded). Use to connect fine and was a fantastic feature and one of the key reasons I bought the unit. I have tried manually loading as per screen instructions for LINk app also. As IT says I could do everything via the phone screen other than AP inputs. I could even adjust AP sensitivity settings etc. on the fly while navigating a route just as if I was using the touch screen or
  9. splat

    foredeck hatch

    Plus one for Cule....awesome service
  10. In Marlborough last Summer harbourmaster and associated agencies were diving on moored craft. We were rafted up with Rogue, Clearvision and a 1020. The inspecting free-diver simply called out a score from 1-4 with one. We all scored 1 or 2. Diver almost skewered himself on stainless trailing tip on Ballistic. I think the whole exercise was intended as educational really.
  11. Hugo Boss has now damaged the starboard rudder...
  12. need a bit more info- what sort of panels and what sort of regulator/BMS?
  13. "Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other." No doubt Mr. Roper has plenty of experience. Will be interesting to see.
  14. Hard to believe Dan leech would get target weight wrong. He has a bit of experience designing and building skiffs.
  15. Already 26 knots (1.00pm our time) with 4.0m seas in the west - Charlie Dalin was doing 16 knots in 3.0m seas further east than the western bunch such as Tripon, Escoffier, AT and co who were doing 12-15 knots in 4.0m seas! Very hard to compare even as boats are stil relatively close together. Intersting that vendee globe site had Hugo Boss as fastest average speed last 24 hours at 10.7knots
  16. shipping - traffic seperation scheme
  17. Sailing anarchy says boat is a 100ft schooner
  18. zoom sails- here https://www.zoomsails.com/
  19. My apologies re use of lipo...poor understanding/ grouping on my part. However, the advertisement does say they are made up of 26650 lithium iron phosphate cells. Is this incorrect? What does everyone suggest as a good 100-120 Ahr(20hr) AGM standalone house battery currently? My boat doesn't have a diesel and alternator...just run solar(120 watts) and outboard rectifier/regulator(7A max). Loads are instruments, MFD, AIS, VHF, TP22 tillerpilot, nav lights(LED), interior lights (LED) engel MR40F fridge very occassionally, JVC head unit, USB charging phone via 2.1A port and galley
  20. https://www.jaycar.co.nz/12-8v-100ah-lithium-deep-cycle-battery/p/SB2203 https://www.jaycar.co.nz/medias/sys_master/images/images/9397591375902/SB2203-dataSheetMain.pdf Anyone using one of these or similar in their boat as a house battery? Despite my best efforts thus far I haven't been able to determine whether they can be safely paralleled. Reading about Lipos suggests that some BMS modules not designed too. How do you tell? No supplier of the above battery I have spoken to/emailed is able to answer this seemingly basic question. Spec sheet doesn't address it either. Wheels?
  21. splat

    Says it all...

  22. splat

    Says it all...

    https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/sites/default/files/2020-10/Draft AGM Minutes 2020_0.pdf
  23. splat

    Says it all...

    Semantics. The clubs exist for their members and therefore YNZ serves overall yacht club membership. The YNZ constitution is clear in its goals... I was a bit schocked that the draft AGM minutes stated that " overall success would be measured at the next olympics" or similar.
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