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  1. https://www.fibreglassshop.co.nz/collections/polyester-epoxy-resins-gelcoats-solvents/products/universalpigmentforpolyesterepoxy try these guys re polyester tints
  2. What are the dimensions on the #1's? construction? Pics? Cheers
  3. Is a it a daggerboard or swing keel model?
  4. Get hold of Jim Dilley - Environment Canterbury Harbourmaster, extensive experience cruising Fiordland and sub-antarctics in summer and winter. Ring him at Ecan. I'm sure he would love to chat about it.
  5. a chainsaw, rented skip and a nearby incentivised excavator operator....
  6. The boat will be commissioned offshore. Plan is to go collect and sail back to nz. Most likely skeleton coast, st helena, caribean, panama, and then pacific at this stage. Port of registration is undecided at this point. May not even come back to NZ.
  7. Apologies my UHMPE should have been as per KM - UHMwPE = Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethyelene. Interesting pre-stretching, heat treatment and solution dye versus dye bath issues also - there is huge variance as to UT strength and longevity - some are simply sh*t being sold as the bees knees.
  8. 1 2 3 4 5 LIFELINES 17.17 The minimum diameter lifeline wire shall be: X X X R R Yachts under 8.5m (LOA) 3mm Yachts 8.5m to 13m 4mm Yachts over 13m 5mm Wire manufactured with a plastic coating shall not be used. Grade 316 Stainless Wire is recommended – 1x19. Tape unacceptable. If fibre used instead of wire e.g. single braided dyneema, spectra, vectran, dynex or similar, there can be no tolerance for wear. Material must be protected from U.V. and chafe by a sheath. Sheath can be taken as an overbraided core over the main load member of the same material or another type of material. The strengt
  9. https://chainsropesandanchors.co.nz/fibre-lifelines-what-to-use here is the link to KM's think piece. Fineline and others can and do make specific lifeline braids. Not sure why you would phaf around using a single braid with isolated sleeves. IMHO it would be better with a specific UHMPE double braid with both the cover and core being UHMPE - cover is probably better with a UHMPE/technora blend. You can then put on specific chafe sleeves on top of this if necesssary.
  10. Hi Team, My brother is looking at commissioning a new 53ft sailing cat and is currently examining his insurance options. He has a business broker who deals with all is business plant, professional indemnity, public liability stuff, loss of income, health etc. Specifically, he has queries as to what qualifications if any he should/must/ or recommended he hold that are likely to reduce his annual premiums for offshore cruising ( I know this depends on insurer requirements)? Thoughts and recommendations from the experienced crowd here? Thanks
  11. Chair of Gymnastics NZ is an ex YNZ board member
  12. Does anyone on this forum really think YNZ would respond to this letter? It is not from a member club but from an individual (no offence intended Ian). The issue of YNZ levies has been going on for years. Having been personally on the receiving end of the heavy handed approach by YNZ and its CEO in this regard; and a member of Waikawa Boating Club at present I have considerable sympathy for some of the statements made. I do not however agree that YNZ is absent - in my experience the RSO's have been available and receptive often becoming the conduit back to YNZ Head office. The safet
  13. splat

    Pilot boat

    The AT diagram Jon posted only restricts power driven vessels to 12 knots although not sure how this doesn't apply to chase boats
  14. splat

    Boat Dilemma

    One big advantage not mentioned of a Y88 or 1020 verses a 930 is a typically a diesel motor and associated reliability, charging capacity/potential and economy. I know a few 930's have diesels but they are rare. As with any boat purchase you would want to check or have checked the mechanical health of a diesel carefully or be prepared to spend $$$. I know a recent 1020 purchase as presented the new owner with some expensive motor issues.
  15. I don't get this excuse - the ability to geo-fence something in the marine environment via a basic chartplotter via a polygon and various waypoints has existed for years. Seems like a cop out to me.
  16. splat

    Boat Dilemma

    C'mon KM you know apart from the C/B case the rest is foam and a very thin layer of glass plus tabbing and fillets ..I'd argue it weighs bugger all. Besides why have we never seen a photo of the interior of the elusive reptile? Crump might want to see what a modern interior interpretation of a 930 like think looks like. Pics or it never happened!
  17. splat

    Boat Dilemma

    Sails are not inexpensive and you have to have a well sorted budget to keep on top of a race wardrobe IMHO. If you are keen to race shorthanded and fleet, as well as, cruise occasionally in Auckland, in my view it would be hard to go past an 88 (cough , cough as a sorta 930 owner) - second hand 88 sails are available (we got hold of a very lightly used 88 3DL Genoa as an overlapper for another 930 down here - it was cheap and in surprisingly good shape) and the 88's have a very strong owners association as well. I remember as a kid when Scarlett was built for Jock Freemantle - Quee
  18. I think it is really sad...like wheels and others I have tried to help him directly in the past including contacting emergency counselling services and the police. Fact is - he is currently running a go fund me page for his dog, which has raised 165.00 or so. If he is so challenged how is he achieving this? He has a terrible reputation for ripping people off and having been born and bred in Qtown...it is not a place to be homeless in winter.
  19. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12349578
  20. Me too re spinlock but no fixed anchor points, just continuos jackline...they aren't cheap.
  21. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/2704730520?bof=YKNW0KsT
  22. agree ...it would be considerably cheaper than having to have voice. What with AIS, trackers, gps, gps communicators like in-reach I'm not sure why you should have to have voice as well...just anther barrier to entry IMHO. I'm sure wiser, more experienced peeps will chime in why voice should be the minimum.
  23. This has been discussed before...i thought you had to have voice....search the forums
  24. "Innovator of Mana" ...rings a bell
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