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    Fijian mahogany

    Have tried demolition places??Jacobs demolition sell old totara,rimu, floorboards etc might have mahogany??
  2. When our first yacht sank,sink fitting corrosion,sat under water for 2 days,pulled motor out and filled with diesel.Left for about a week,drain,changed oil,checked fuel coming out of injectors,reinstalled and it ran fine.Having said that .Vessel was on sold by insurance co ,so not sure how long engine continued to run.
  3. 2020 Jan 20 16 days, one-way from Auckland to Sydney Auckland Date / Time Port 20 Jan 18:00 Departing from Auckland, New Zealand hotels 21 Jan 08:00 - 19:00 Tauranga, Rotorua, New Zealand 23 Jan 08:00 - 23:00 Wellington, New Zealand 24 Jan 07:00 - 16:00 Picton, New Zealand 25 Jan 08:00 - 19:00 Akaroa, New Zealand 26 Jan 08:00 - 18:00 Dunedin, Port Chalmers, New Zealand 27 Jan 08:00 - 17:00 Stewart Island, Oban, Rakiura, New Zealand 28 Jan 14:00 - 19:00 Fiordland National Park, New Zealand 01 Feb 08:00 - 18:00 Melbourne, Victoria Australia 02 Feb 08:00 - 23:00 Phillip Island, Victoria Australia 04 Feb 08:00 - 17:00 Batemans Bay, NSW Australia 05 Feb 07:00 Arriving in Sydney, NSW Australia
  4. MPI Fisheries - Northland 10 mins · Auckland Fishery officers are seeking the public’s help following reports of a large number of dead snapper seen floating in the Hauraki Gulf. On Saturday 18 January 2020 at 2pm, MPI received information about approximately 100 dead snapper found floating in the area North of Waiheke Island. Fishery officers would like to speak with anyone who saw the dead fish around this time. At this point we are in very early stages of our enquiries and are appealing to the public to report any activity that could have contributed to the dead snapper. We are very thankful to members of the public for contacting MPI and we urge anyone who with information about this incident or any other suspicious fishing activity to call our 0800 4 POACHER line (0800 47 62 24) or email ncc@mpi.govt.nz to report it.
  5. The important bit. When adjusting other types of flax the stuffing box should be relatively cool/warmish to luke warm, at most. With traditional flax packing it should drip and must drip while the shaft is spinning.
  6. reason why I chose chatfield on the last yacht,incase of failure you can undo 2 bolts and use normal packing as a repair. The pps?? is relying on 2 flanges pushed together and will drip if in muddy waters as silt can get between flanges.
  7. exactly our temps do not care,luckily now I have my own dedicated daf+trailer,the hours I work it cannat be used by anyelse but when on holiday it comes back a pig sty.
  8. why not fit a dripless gland??$800 from chatfield engineering,fit once and forget it,bit of grease once a tear. next time around will fitting one. Remember to let it drip with packing when motoring,seen so many packings worn out as the drip is the cooling.
  9. They get away with it due us the consumer not screaming loud enough. brought a marine item a few years ago that wasn't fit for purpose,store tried the warranty thing and said I need to go to supplier. "Really ,what time do you close today as I have all the time in the world to discredit your store and products to potential customers".Money back
  10. No 10 was my go too but banned as having too many goodies in it.
  11. without going in to a huge debate ,commercial v recreational. You do realise that snapper in sna1 for commercial their size limit is 250mm because of their trawl net mesh wish does not allow smaller to escape,anything under that size when hauled is dead and must be dumped,waste,hence why reccs in sna1 are 300mm to help rebuild stock as current biomass is around 19%. Longlining is best pratice as fish generally able to be released alive.There is a guy in Hawkes Bay who has modified his gear and can release everything alive.So not all comms are bad.
  12. not nz snapper but think similar results http://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/video-barotrauma-in-golden-snapper I fish for a feed not to play with my food! Kevin I would tread carefully before approaching someone in those circumstances,alcohol comes to mind,
  13. found a bolt once to discover it was one holding the starter in place. Never figured out how to hook up to key to turn off,managed to it on a bukh
  14. Big fish 15lb+ may not be the breeder we think as they are territorial and lazy.Dont move far from there habitat. The thinking now is snapper in 290/320 range maybe more prolific at breeding than first thought. https://niwa.co.nz/fisheries/ecosystem-influences-on-snapper/life-cycle
  15. Been having a discussion fish mounting,sure a 15lber looks nice on the wall of fame,but what a waste of meat. Argument was I caught it I can do what I like with it,fair enough. Back to topic,speak up,may not no the rules(cough cough) but 0800 poacher is a start. Approaching someone Hmm could take a chance but is the verbal warranted to ruin your day?? a week ago watched a charter operator releasing clients fish,disgusted and spoke up and got told to Foff and mind my own business. grab fish rip hook out throw back,all under size,mania mussel farm ,mean while nephew I and didnt need to measure. 3 each was more than enough. average 6lb snapper. Starting to feed as spawn is over.
  16. Its not so bad having to go direct to engine,as it is a good time to inspect if anything is coming loose. IE can see if a belt worn or pump starting to drip etc.
  17. But registered number would be easier to identify owner from a distance with trailered boats.fizzies
  18. only jet skis need to be registered IT,the other requirement is all vessels over 5 metres must have a name in 90mm high letters but there is no register for any other vessel. There should be compulsory registration for all vessels,example white sea nynph called happy days how many have you seen?? there are 3 within walking distance from home so I think trailer vessels need to display trailer name. But where does it end.registration operators ticket fishing licence boat wof?? I can people screaming your taking my rights etc.Life jackets under 7m??compulsory worn but skippers discretion whether you have to put on due to flat water etc. If you own a jetski or personal watercraft (PWC) in the Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Northland regions, it must be registered with AT's Harbourmaster. Boat registration is not required in Auckland. https://at.govt.nz/boating-marine/jetskis-personal-watercraft/
  19. in the industry I am in(trucking)I do not get why you would want to be an owner driver with all the expenses.When a wage/company driver can earn $80k easily + holidays ,time n half on stat days + sick days and dont care about the gear they driving.
  20. Infringement notices are sent to boat owners by the council for breaking local bylaws. ​I can see how they could sent a notice to the owner of a vessel that has a marina or mooring as they have a record of whose who.But come to trailer vessels who/how do they send a notice too??sure might have a boat name but there is no register or compulsory to register a vessel,law only states must display a name,maybe need a law change to display trailer registration. Only vessel that needs to on a register is a jet ski.
  21. Hows this for stupidity. Friend has his vessel at home for long period while rejuvenating it,so to stop randoms using his mooring and creating havoc,he took the bouy off and let it sink.pays the fee no problem.But along comes some official and said he needs to reinstate the bouy as mooring is non compliant.Tried to explain why but no,do it or get a fine.
  22. Always thought that a vessel on a mooring in Auckland boundaries had to at a level of sea worthiness? https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/plans-projects-policies-reports-bylaws/bylaws/Documents/navsafetybylawcontrols2014.pdf Page 10 Seaworthiness in relation to any vessel means being, in the opinion of the Harbourmaster in a fit condition of readiness to safely undertake a voyage within its designed capabilities. page 14 15 Vessels to be seaworthy (1) The person in charge of a vessel anchored or moored in any navigable waters must keep the vessel in a seaworthy condition at all times, unless the Harbourmaster has given prior written approval for it to be anchored or moored in a condition which is not seaworthy. (2) Except in an emergency or following an accident or incident, a person must not operate a vessel that is unseaworthy, except to comply with the directions of the Harbourmaster to move that vessel to an alternative location. (3) In an emergency or following an accident or incident that renders the vessel unseaworthy, the person in charge of the vessel must not move the vessel except: (a) to clear a main navigation channel, or to prevent further damage, or to position the vessel in a safe mooring or anchorage; or ( in accordance with directions from the Harbourmaster, enforcement officer or honorary enforcement officer. (4) If a vessel is not seaworthy or has the potential to cause a hazard to navigation, the Harbourmaster may give a direction to the person in charge of the vessel to move the vessel to an alternative location or remove it from navigable waters within a reasonable time. (5) If the person in charge of the vessel fails to comply with the direction of the Harbourmaster or if the owner or person in charge of the vessel cannot be located, the Harbourmaster may move that vessel to a position where it is no longer a hazard or remove it from the water and dispose of it.
  23. yep he is in trade so subject This in trade status lets buyers know they're dealing with a trader, and that they will have protection under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Good luck with that.He would some wierd and wonderful excuse to cover himself. Just checked 5yrs on still blocked.
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