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  1. We try quite successfully to keep them out of the Wairau Cove paradise
  2. Yes days on it would be good to think that the meetings and discussions have finished and that the fabrication to engineers drawings has commenced -it would have elsewhere in the world. Who do we ask that straight question to ? These bursts do happen fairly often in Auckland only six weeks or so ago we had a good one during rum race, all were laid flat for about four minutes with some sail damage, on a Friday afternoon as well . Then back to benign conditions.
  3. I believe that you are one of many Aleana, a year ago I did a lot of research on AGM batteries as I needed a good reliable start battery for a classic car that did not have room for a properly sized FLA. I discovered that one Auckland marine sparky crowd had been supplying sets of AGM batteries (of good quality) to a number of craft but not checking on the boats charging regime. For these batteries to last and give the paid for life -your charger has to be capable of charging at a rate of over 24% of the batteries A/H rating -when required in the bulk phase. To ignore this little fact is to a
  4. Thanks Priscilla I was trying to remember Evans name. The ship was anchored perilously close to Fishermans Wharf about a month ago during a fresh Souwester.
  5. Expect an announcement this arvo re show cancellation
  6. 117 days adrift Maurice and Maralyn Bailey-Died recently I believe
  7. Yes that happened and they almost lost all the good inspectors, happily most have returned (or retired). Back to the original post -it seems the managing of these vessels once here and in Quarantine period is the major logistics hurdle. One solution would be to take 10 cruisers at a time and let them in to Wharengaere Bay (crater bay) off the Te Puna inlet to anchor and serve out their time. Very sheltered from all quarters the KeriKeri providores could easily supply them food and booze etc, we could string something across the entrance to stop them leaving, the locals could watch t
  8. French designer- built by Hamish Russell who previously built multiple Newick tris. Nice sheerline.
  9. Correct Gappy dont expect many here now
  10. Good looking ship, try and get as much sleep as possible
  11. I agree BP and Steve, dont forget if you dont mind hilly walk Leigh -the pub was once great havent been for a long time but there is the sawmill.
  12. J Bruce Clark a talented amateur designer ie not his main job like a number of late Kiwi designers - Bob Stewart, Beau Birdsall etc He had a good eye for lines and the classic form and typically his yachts were built to the highest standard for owners not scratching around for their last dollar to pay for them!
  13. I have sympathy for English cruisers that were in the Pacific at the start of all this, however not much for the yachts that left here for Fiji during the first lockdown assuming they would get back in.
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