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  1. If sulphur point has prevented you from accessing your own vessel then they have also taken on the responsibility for its wellbeing and with it the insurance implications.
  2. Yes seen copies recently at boat books
  3. A contessa 26 I guess that may be the one we tendered off at Okahu bay 20 years ago with the side missing.
  4. Good accurate response, IT, people should be aware that most of harbour front Kawau is private property too.
  5. Yes I am in touch with one or two at Kawau they are sitting tight except for going out to empty holding tank, plenty of tucker not sure about water though, i can't for the life of me understand why police are telling individuals not to swim on the east coast as we are further apart than when walking past each other and if it is a part of our daily routine prior to all of this and we are walking to the beach on our own - just easy targets I guess the old grey haired swimmers.
  6. waikiore


    They do seem to be coming from Barrier or further north direction , but 44forty I will go with your local knowledge, on the other hand Michael Hill isn't that far north
  7. waikiore


    Why would helicopters be flying over the North Shore in and out of the Rosedale helipad between 2 and 3.30 am ? This has occurred the last few nights low altitude and very noisy!
  8. Which cruise ship is it that has been in forced isolation off Rangitoto since Wednesday , one of the Holland America lines maybe? Was it the one turned away from the port down south?
  9. Any one here wanting to pat Happy Teeth should consider looking at the seal attacks shark video on you tube from Hout Bay SA . Thats what the big sharks think of them!
  10. A very basic design with shallow keel and not enough rudder in the water, hull looks too heavy and deck too light, ready to go I cant see it weighing what they predict, and if it does it will spend a lot of time lying on her side, there you go Mr Fagan...
  11. I was once a very good condition Raven called I think Joshua, a pity no one showed Annie how easily and well they sail in standard configuration! Reminds me of the Hiscocks on their last boat, no one showed them how slab reefing works so they reverted to what they knew old roller reefing and the consequent strange looking main shape.
  12. The York Syme is a good tug but has not had a lot of work recently
  13. waikiore

    Mahurangi 2020

    Wont matter the committee couldnt tell who finished or not anyway.
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