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  1. Milford cruising club is a good bet with the combination of cruising and shorter tidal races - all handicapped they will have fun and learn the inner gulf.
  2. No this will be a brand new Beale 10 Los Molinos is over 20 years old
  3. A sad day for the crew of her over the years , scary how quick she went down at least the crew are ok , I guess the only thing to do is a wake at the Northcote Tavern? Anyway there is another ply rum racer almost complete at Milford to take her place soon on the start lines.
  4. Add to Veladares list the narrow catamarans hidden at Devonport that were built for SAS and trimmed by the stern so too dangerous to use even when throttle stopped.
  5. Amusingly our Devonport based Navy and the Commander of this ship has requested we go and welcome her in as a number are doing right now , the funny part is they requested us to form up orderly and wait in the Orakei Basin till the right time! I guess this is just another example that we have very few boating people in the Navy any more
  6. Actually in 85 they changed From the ancient Kauri legs to steel. I helped remove some of the messy kauri ones from where they washed ashore😇
  7. waikiore


    ETNZ tipped over again this time not planned .....
  8. Nope and soon will be a year with no parking near our berth no apology in fact they assured us that the carpark would be finished by February result more carpark dug up and barricaded off, rather than putting the price up yet again you would think Panuku should be following the countrywide be nice line haha. Panuku squandering more ratepayers funds with no mandate to do so.
  9. Etnz out in Rangi channel really smoking, at first I thought it was the youth AC boat floundering at Northern Leading - then they got the sails set and zoom
  10. I was wondering who Icky was and what KM had planned for him?
  11. I have done just this the last two years , refuse to pay YNZ fee through five yacht clubs and nominated one. This of course creates a great deal of hassle for the smaller clubs and I doubt that they have pursued it just pretended that I paid . However it is a point of principle and as I age more I note that the most fun regattas and events are organised outside YNZ !
  12. Ah but under level three you are allowed to go out into the bush with your camo gear on and shoot at your mates - I mean dangerous animals, but still not go sailing ?? on TV one tonight WTF
  13. Not much varnish there....😎
  14. Interesting to see the big Riv crasher coming back up the harbour when we finally get a breezy forecast yesterday, police said hi off Devonport but he carried on - I guess he does Live aboard anyway.
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