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Cruising with kids

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This is a great thread - must be one of the longest running time-wise - and it brings back happy childhood dialing memories of my own as well as some handy new tips for cruising with our own little one (now 3.5).


Look forward to more of Booboos updates from his global travels as well as other tips for Gulf & Northland cruising.


I agree with the approach to minimize long non-stop trips hence I try to set sail early so the little man spends the first part of the trip asleep and whewn he wakes up only has 2-3 hrs more sailing to do at most.



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This is a good thread.


Back when we had a slow trailer-sailor and lived out in the far west;

On a Friday, Partner would pack up boat and kids, I'd come home from work, hitch up boat and we'd drive to Hobsonville. Kids would eat fish & chips while I rigged and launched the boat.

We'd sail to Little Shoal Bay and pirate a tidy mooring for the night, then at about 5am I'd hoist sails, drop mooring and we'd set off down the harbour - the kids would wake up about Bean Rock.  Motuihe became "our Beach".  But Home Bay, Motutapu,  Woody Bay, Rakino etc.. all within a day sail in the summer on a slow boat and all lovely places to take the kids.

Sunday could feel a bit long, especially if the tide wasn't favourable... I think we took to taking two cars to the Marina so that my partner could drive the kids home while I de-rigged the boat.

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