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Black Panther

How many want to run away to sea?

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Well, we plan to enter the 2019 Coastal, so between then and now there's a considerable amount of work to be done...


Including the Norwegian and Swedish coasts...


Working backwards form there I guess I'll have to quit work in about a year and a half and devote all my time to prep. from there on...


Hopefully, we'll have a house to rent out to allow a small cruising income and a little freelance work should allow us to roll on for a little while - as long as we wash up in the BOI, I'll be happy...


Super long term?


Drifting around NZ would soak up quite a few years, I reckon...

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Good Plan Dr W. That's not a heap of time to get ready and go though - it took me 6 months full time on the boat before we left, and it is really easy to consume an extra year or two while cruising! :-)

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