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2017 Rum Race

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Well, tried to enter........... emails keep bouncing back Mark?


Payment has been made, and details are as per below if we are allowed out to play?


Name: Logan Fraser

Boat Name: C U Later

Type of Boat: Ross 8m

Sail Number: 8586

Email: piwrmr@hotmail.com

Phone: 021749767


Yeah, your in. For some reason some emails to Mark are bouncing, but I still get my copy...



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36 boats at last count and happy to keep taking entries if Matt is.


Say what you like about the state of NZ keelboat racing but not a whole heap of people used to club level sailing overseas would ever call our bigger fleets boring in terms of design and variety.


Will circulate a course and start times tomorrow afternoon.

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Hi people

Last years forcast was truly epic and whilst I'd love to promise the same again, I fear it's not to be.

Best guess for the forecast is a decidedly brisk SW of 20-25 knots with a little more in the puffs, maybe dropping a bit later in the race and moving a touch south.  Take care out there, both boats and people can get hurt in a hurry at those strengths which isn't so much fun for anyone.

Slightly different courses to last year, a shorter course of 9 miles with the longer course at 11.6.  For those starting last on the short course or first on the long course, if you particularly want to sail the other course, let me know and I'll see what can be arranged.

Short Course :

9nm:  From the start passing Northhead Buoy to port, rounding Rough Rock Buoy to starboard, Orakei Buoy to starboard to the finish.

Long Course :

11.6nm:  From the start passing Northhead Buoy to port, Saltworks Buoy to starboard, Orakei Buoy to starboard to the finish.

The start line is defined as a line from Westhaven tower to the outer distance mark (ODM), the finish line is a transit from the Westhaven Tower through the outer distance mark to the northern side of the harbour.

Start times shall be signalled with number boards on the tower and we will endeavour to broadcast each start time on VHF ch77.  We expect to coordinate start times using GPS time so starting on your GPS time should work well.

Keep in mind people you are sailing under Collregs which do require a higher degree of caution while navigating in close proximity to other vessels.  There are also insurance implications so if close to other vessels, throttle back the racing enthusiasm, no one wants a damaged boat just before their Christmas cruise.

Any questions, please email me at mmulcare@xtra.co.nz

Start times, as at 18:00, Tuesday 19 December

9nm course :

17:46 Sweathog
17:48 Serene
17:48 Nocturne
17:52 Arohia
17:52 Polaris
17:53 Feena
17:53 Double Bruyn
17:53 Revolution Blues
17:56 Pacquita
17:56 Real Deal
17:57 Cool Change
17:57 Patiko
17:58 Wild Oats
17:59 Space Station
17:59 Predator
18:00 Duty Free
18:00 Placido
18:00 Kia Kaha
18:00 Tazzy Devil
18:00 Sailor Moon
18:00 Revolution
18:00 Slipstream III
18:00 Princess
18:00 Elliphunk
18:01 Hydraulink
18:01 Club Marine
18:03 Thor
18:03 C U Later
18:03 The Entertainer
18:04 Fast Company
18:05 Sign It
18:05 Houdini II
18:05 Team Sex
18:06 Chain Reaction
18:06 Namu
18:07 Atomic
18:07 Spearhead
18:09 Extreme
18:10 Pretty Woman

11.6nm course :

17:45 Atamai
17:45 Transformer
17:53 Force Eleven
17:56 Relapse
18:00 Angry Dragon
18:03 Anarchy
18:09 Exodus
18:13 Attitude
18:17 Romanza
18:17 Wired

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