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ex Elly

Abandoned boats on moorings

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Always thought that a vessel on a mooring in Auckland boundaries had to at a level of sea worthiness?




Page 10


Seaworthiness in relation to any vessel means being, in the opinion of the Harbourmaster in a fit condition of readiness to safely undertake a voyage within its designed capabilities.


page 14


15 Vessels to be seaworthy (1) The person in charge of a vessel anchored or moored in any navigable waters must keep the vessel in a seaworthy condition at all times, unless the Harbourmaster has given prior written approval for it to be anchored or moored in a condition which is not seaworthy. (2) Except in an emergency or following an accident or incident, a person must not operate a vessel that is unseaworthy, except to comply with the directions of the Harbourmaster to move that vessel to an alternative location. (3) In an emergency or following an accident or incident that renders the vessel unseaworthy, the person in charge of the vessel must not move the vessel except: (a) to clear a main navigation channel, or to prevent further damage, or to position the vessel in a safe mooring or anchorage; or (B) in accordance with directions from the Harbourmaster, enforcement officer or honorary enforcement officer. (4) If a vessel is not seaworthy or has the potential to cause a hazard to navigation, the Harbourmaster may give a direction to the person in charge of the vessel to move the vessel to an alternative location or remove it from navigable waters within a reasonable time. (5) If the person in charge of the vessel fails to comply with the direction of the Harbourmaster or if the owner or person in charge of the vessel cannot be located, the Harbourmaster may move that vessel to a position where it is no longer a hazard or remove it from the water and dispose of it.

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Another worthless bylaw that is never enforced.

Hows this for stupidity.

Friend has his vessel at home for long period while rejuvenating it,so to stop randoms using his mooring and creating havoc,he took the bouy off and let it sink.pays the fee no problem.But along comes some official and said he needs to reinstate the bouy as mooring is non compliant.Tried to explain why but no,do it or get a fine.

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You’d have to get that to program their nonsense into your head. I tried, but ended up arguing with HR guy before I even crossed the start line. Council job.

Dunno what possessed me.

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