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30ft-ish offshore-capable cruiser/racer?

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Townson 32

Sails a hell of a lot better than many you have mentioned.

The Townson is true sailboat that will certainly look after you when there is a bit on.

Easy to handle beautifully balanced yacht.

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    [*]Lotus 9.2/Marauder - storms, really?? Had seriously considered both of these but dismissed them due to concerns over seaworthiness. Perhaps unfounded?.


Be interested in knowing what contributed to that opinion? Our family Lotus 9.2 was built like a brick sh*t-house and was a good roomy boat - equal in performance to the Chico 30s we used to race against and a little more interior space. Also most are all glass and IIRC the Chicos all have wooden tops. I've not sailed on a Marauder but they just seem like a smaller version of the Lotus to me. Booboo had one........


so many monos to choose from. Good Luck!

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Yup that one's in Doves Bay, hopefully have a look sometime soon. Teak decks though, and older deck gear...


One in Westhaven too but it's really run down. Had a look at that already - looks suspiciously like a "project"... :silent:


Cockpit is teak, but not the decks.

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Hey BB, like Motorbike said and few others have mentioned , Lotus 9.2 and fund the balance Biggest 30 ft boat you can buy , viceless, great helm, masthead( smallish) rig but still a good cruiser type performer. I remember doing a 2 handed harbour race in one way back in one of those squall warning days . Nil or 10 knots in the morning and squalls to 40 or 50 expected.

naturally we put the #1 on. We got the 40 and I just feathered her through it #1 and all, totally under control . I was very impressed with that boat.

Prices on trade me range 38 low , quite a few in the 50's and some 60.


Mind you . D35 , best designer in the world Y'know. O yeah.

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