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Its a strange strange world.


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I forget where exactly , somewhere on the coast of Gt Barrier. As you can see my buddy had been cleaning fish and we got some guests.

No problems though , Dolphin are quite friendly.I'm sure they'd love that little pool thing in the OP.

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I hear a whisper that one of them is on its way fitted with this option :lol:
Tis already here.... or there's more than one.


If you've got young kids that don't like to be out of their depth I think it's a great idea. Throw them over the back, and still be close to rum and ice. What's not to like?
Lifejacket and a bit of string works the same way. If they get too loud, threatening to untie the string quiets them down pretty quick :)
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Lifted this from SA

They do not get much fuglier than this.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/ ... 1505_o.jpg

What is happening to yacht design.

I was on a Sense a while ago and the hull is so shallow in the ass there is no room for any double grunters.

Accessing the engine was for leprechauns only.

The interior was straight from Ikea.

Cockpit was a large open space with absolutely miles from the wheels to the front clears of the dodger that was nine miles high.

Gave a very distorted view of the world whilst helming.

Boat lay over once it bent to the breeze till the chine kicked in and it felt that the boat would most benefit from a gimballed interior.

Did like the concept of the rotating saildrive unit though.

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