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Single handed sailing

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Are all the 88's crewed by 14yo school girls, you know the ones who can't even go to the dunny without being in a group holding hands?  Where are they all? :twisted:  ;-)


Big ups to the 2 men in the Y88 fleet that are out there doing it solo....... especially with so many nasty Ross boaters out there.


I did have to laugh the other night when chatting to D2, the Solo fleet has been tagged with assorted names as she can't remember the crews names. We saw an oldish dude with a fake pooh shirt and she said 'I wonder if that's Shitheads dad'. Anyone at the Solo Fairway Bay weekend should know who she's talking about :D

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Just a minor question... Regarding the maths this time... 


15nm course (more less) and 4 hours to do it means 4.3kts average which will be rather hard in a 23ft boat with 3-5kts of breeze to play with...


What are the chances (and or likelyhood) of shortening the course on the day?


11nm - Just plotted it now.

Thats 2.75 knots average - if we cant to that then it will be a boring boring race - It is a sunday after all - lets get back to the bar.


Looking back through the last 5 years results there hasnt been a boat finish after 4:30... Even the H28 got around so you should be ok :-)

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Hi Everyone

I'm sorry I didn't make it today, but I needed to sail to Auckland do the race and then come home due to other commitments.

The weather wasn't going to allow that for me so I called it off.

How did it go?

Cheers Charlie. Taboo

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a good day out there. massive fleet of 41(?) boats.  Very light start, then maybe 10 knot puffs on the way out the channel. but then breeze dropped right off again, and there was a frustrating hole between the E and SW? breeze? i seemed to get stuck in it on the way to northern leading then again on way to finish.  A fun challenge after the race getting everyone rafted up on the working berth, and as always, some great spot prizes.  Thanks BBYC, SailIQ ans BJ tyres.


Had a nice motor home in the dark, beautiful night. 

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Was a great day on the water!
Results will be on the website shortly - apologies for the delay

Was a great day on the water, thanks heaps to the race officers, and of course to the sponsor - BJ Tyres. And thanks to all the SoloIQ guys for making the effort to come back afterwards - was a good raft up on the loading dock.


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A great start  to the BJ Tyres series with Bucks and certainly the biggest fleet I've seen in the last few years. Not often we get such a light race at this time of the year though, but light it was with a strong outgoing tide.It was tricky at times with different parts of the course getting different breeze weights. The fleet separated a little after rounding Motuihe but then closed up on the way to North Leading. The converging breezes gave some hope at times. I tried to get a gennie going after Motuihe but then settled for a 0 which is a little more stable in the very light. The UNITEC carried a gennie nicely and looked well pressed at times. The best part of the race was just pipping the RB on the line. Getting up the river to the bar was frustrating and I found the putty a few times. Great prizes once again. The revised look for the series has certainly added a new dimension to this solo series and there's no missing the shirts!. Looking forward to the away races in Jan, Feb and March next year. Thanks to the two main sponsors Sail IQ and BJ Tyres.

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Well, work has been nuts and I had no time for play!

What a race! Light patches with nice blows in between. I made a huge mistake going too far to the Rangi shore and had to battle from there... Luckily for me fleet was becalmed by the Northern Leading and I managed to catch up (and park) with everyone. Run to the finish turned in to another park up and a subsequent beat...

After towing Riccardo off of the putty at the entrance to the river and a "quick" motor to BBYC we had yet another spectacular prizegiving!

Thanks to BBYC and all the volunteers as well as the sponsors!

Magic motor home in the dark too, we live in arguably most beautiful city in the world !!!

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I've been told that but luckily only 2 of the entire Y88 fleet can sail further than Rangi Light without ???? (sinking, blowing apart, being alien probed, being rogered by a Brydes Whale or what must be something nasty) so I don't see any of them very often :twisted:  That H&H dude (aka Shithead) and I have bashed heads a few times. I the last time we came together in vengeance was the BJ Tyres Solo weekend a season or 2 back and I liked the result....against the whole fleet ;) Chris is fun to sail against, at the aftermatch and extra handy for me being power challenged as I don't need to use my stereo, I just use his, he does very much follow the more Decibels are better than less theory, one I like myself.


All going well late Feb so no BJ for me this season which is a bastard as that is a real goodie of a weekend, the hangover excepted of course.


It appears I may have to squish a peskey SR next series, amongst a few others. I look forward to the challange :D



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clipper, thanks for the ride on voom for the BB rum race last fri.


now the adrenaline has fully left my system it seems the main memory i'll keep


is my bum call to duck that 6? kn mono's stern


when we could have crossed clear ahead with our 12? kn


by calling the duck on a boat going half our speed, when we were fly'in a hull  


it all got very special as we turned down from a close reach to a broad reach and got even faster, with less space, to get behind them


well done in keeping us on the pace and below 45 degrees tilt for that DUCK


in my defense, that #1 should have a window so those calls don't have to be made by someone with only a glance after crawling out on a sliding tramp


i hope when single handing 


you remember the way that #1 leaves the helm so blind




have now worked out the 3rd call i could


and should


have made

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So.... Im back from the overseas travels!


Who is coming out for a night play at Kawau?


I hear i missed out on a fantastic weekend down bottom end of Waiheke...


And while you are at it, spare a thought for Route1. Last years race was a slog up hill with not enough wind to finish the race for some of us... Im really looking forward to see what this year brings...

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Night Race to Kawau

Start 6.10PM Friday 12 February.


This is our lead in the the Route 1 (Route 66 for the crewed boats)


The night race to Kawau is a good manageable challenge for single handers who haven't experienced the challenge of sailing alone at night. And the course isn't too long. Who's in?

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