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2017 Rum Race

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Wild, no email mentioning Hotdogger at this time,

please email . Entry fee is paid


To enter, email the following details to rumrace@crew.org.nz

  • Name
  • Boat Name
  • Type of Boat
  • Sail Number
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
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Now at 53 entries as per Matts predictions


Start times, as at 06:00, Wednesday 20 December

9nm course :

17:46 Sweathog
17:48 Serene
17:48 Nocturne
17:52 Arohia
17:52 Polaris
17:53 Feena
17:53 Double Bruyn
17:53 Revolution Blues
17:55 Hot Gossip II
17:56 Pacquita
17:56 Real Deal
17:57 Cool Change
17:57 Patiko
17:58 Wild Oats
17:58 Hotdogger
17:59 Space Station
17:59 Predator
18:00 Duty Free
18:00 Placido
18:00 Kia Kaha
18:00 Tazzy Devil
18:00 Sailor Moon
18:00 Revolution
18:00 Slipstream III
18:00 Princess
18:00 Elliphunk
18:01 Hydraulink
18:01 Club Marine
18:02 Pahi
18:03 Thor
18:03 C U Later
18:03 The Entertainer
18:04 Fast Company
18:05 Sign It
18:05 Houdini II
18:05 Team Sex
18:05 Snatch
18:06 Chain Reaction
18:06 Namu
18:07 Atomic
18:07 Spearhead
18:09 Extreme
18:10 Pretty Woman

11.6nm course :

17:45 Atamai
17:45 Transformer
17:53 Force Eleven

17:54 Higher Ground
17:56 Relapse
18:00 Angry Dragon
18:03 Anarchy
18:09 Exodus
18:13 Attitude
18:17 Romanza
18:17 Wired

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All skippers must make there own call. There will be a start provided we don't get 35 sustained for 5 mins before the start.

Be careful out there, all skippers are reminded they are SOLELY responsible for their boat and crew. The decision to go rests with the skippers only.

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we got blown off course at rough rock


tried to put a reef in our old dodgy dacron main


sort of worked til bean rock


then the the reefing strop blew out and the main went horrible enough that we couldn't get above bean rock


so we headed off down the harbour 


dropped the outboard, then the sails


and limped back late


great event Matt


what memories are made of

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I Hope everyone had a great race and those I did get to enjoyed a couple of extra sail ties. I didn't take a camera out with me and if anyone has some photos of the Lancer Thundercat playing Santa I would love to put them up on our FB page. I appreciate I was bit close to some peoples start times!


Have a great summer

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Was definitely pretty willing conditions. Full main and rum race jib on down the harbour. Cruising along nicely at 8 - 9 knots with the odd burst up to 12 knots. Got a little exciting as we rounded North Head and closed in on Rough Rock. The fleet had compressed quite a bit at this point and we had a pretty healthy 22 + knots with a couple of gybes to do. Had some near misses with some boats that were in marginal levels of control haha.


Managed to get a reef in on the run down to rough rock, gybed around the mark and settled in for the long beat home. Got held up a bit by Space Station as they tried to put a reef in but eventually shot through to leeward and carried on trying to chase down the early starters.


Had a good upwind to Orakei but probably suffered a little on the tight reach back to the finish. Our lack of waterline length is not our friend at this point of sail.


No broken bodies or damage to the boat, so would call it a successful outing!


Thanks everyone that organised it and all those that went out for a sail!


Good times!

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yip #1 good times on WO. Ran full main and J3 all race, loved the downhill, and went ok back up hill too. Had a couple of crew that hadn't been out for a long time (one sailor hadn't been out since we dropped the rig over a year ago), and we all enjoyed ourselves.


Sad to see the damage and some hurt bodies on other boats, but all in all looked like people coped pretty well.

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Bloody great race thanks team.


First time I've ever grannied The Entertainer. We had a few newbies on board who were looking at me sideways after our first gybe... Looked like a bit of carnage for some.


I don't think we hit anyone with the waterballoons my daughter had spent so much time filling. Oh well, next year.

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54 boats entered, 44 started, 30 knots gusting 38 at Bean Rock at the start.


Well done everyone... Yep a bit of Carnage, Polaris lost her rig, and a few other boats had sail issues etc... Results here;


Place     Name                  Sail No     Fin Time

1.Sweat Hog                         4022      7:15:46

2.Fast Company                  5200      7:16:29

3.Angry Dragon                   4254      7:16:52

4.Revolution                        4697      7:17:12

5.Revolution Blues              5265      7:18:49

6.Wild Oats                           5402      7:19:04

7.Princess                              809        7:19:31

8.Atamai                                9785      7:19:50

9.MRX Club Marine            1995      7:20:04

10.Higher Ground                 6883      7:20:27

11.CU Later                             8586      7:21:05

12.MRX Hydraulink               2000      7:21:46

13.Duty Free                           6697      7:22:11

14.Chain Reaction                 8036      7:22:18

15.The Entertainer                4973      7:22:19

16.Anarchy                             37001    7:22:21

17.Sailor Moon                      6398      7:22:22

18.Slipstream                         325        7:22:28

19.Pahi                                     854        7:23:50

20.Patiko                                 708        7:24:01

21.Thor                                    5484      7:24:33

22.Serene                                468        7:24:41

23.Cool Change                     8359      7:25:06

24.Elliphunk                            6855      7:25:27

25.Atomic                                T4750    7:25:29

26.Pacquita                             242        7:25:34

27.Extreme                              8160      7:25:54

28.Freena                                ___        7:26:06

29.Space Station                   243        7:26:28

30.Nocturne                           550        7:26:47

31.Pretty Woman                  8956      7:27:13

32.Romanza                            101010  7:27:24

33.Force 11                             156        7:28:03

34.Hot Gossip                         5093      7:28:43

35.Placido                               8230      7:29:08

36.Real Deal                            194        7:30:13

37.MRX Ovlov Marine          2001      7:31:28

38.Snatch                                20           7:31:52

39.Double Bruyn                   ___        7:33:09


Pretty good effort/turnout for the conditions!


Merry Christmas, have a safe and happy holiday season!!

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