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Jim Young Rocket 31

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Wild Thing was given a very impressive upgrade & complete renovation several years ago, from memory there was a thread on this site.  Was it a guy named Adrian?  He sold it possibly down south?

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The 8.4's are not Rockets.  The three mentioned ones are. Prawnbroker is undergoing a long birthday at Westhaven, Positive Touch went to NC after being tootooed with in terms of a diesel in then out, and I cannot comment on the other. Think Extreme may also attract the title Rocket - still at Westhaven.

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That lines up nicely with a comment I heard yesterday that suggest a Auckland gent of some note who recently become boat free is considering going shopping in New Cal for a 'well known Young design boat'. Word is he wants to bring it home.



Shall do Thanks, Cazzate.

It’s a red one so probably is PT and build year is 1981 and has a heap of interior stuff that probably wasn’t there when it left here

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From what I know , Rocket 31s:

- Oldsmobile at Waikawa
- Positive Touch in New Cal
- Also Party Time in New Cal
- Kaos and two or three others in Aus

- Camp Freddie (extended slightly) in UK
- Zapata in Europe
- Mayhem Plus in UK
- TEOTYL, French registered ORC but that could be New Cal or France

Young 8.4s :

- R n B and What's News, AKL
- Correct with Wild Thing, think the upgrade included a wing mast, now in Tasman Bay
- Blue Dude New Cal
- YoungStar Sydney
- Gambit, Hong Kong

Know of only one Buckle Up which was a Rocket 40 in Aus, the Aussies worship it

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Wild thing had a huge birthday about 8 years ago by adrian.

included a new transom, new carbon mast, new sails, new keel.

She goes like a rocket. Sold to nelson where she is raced regularly.


Beautiful boat. 


Public Image is another 8.4 in Auckland which was given a wee birthday at the Weiti River a few years ago used for a season then ignored for several seasons. She was sold recently, I'm not sure where to. She was built by Mr Vorpal blade who is a member on here. 

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