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Kiwi rescued after 2 days adrift in Dinghy in the Med

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Something not quite right with that tale.

Phones husband to inform him she is returning to boat after shopping completed then drifts for 2 days without calling him back.

No sign of any shopping in that dinghy.

More likely he cast her adrift rather promptly after she put on those ghastly yoga pants.




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Outboard is the only option on modern inflatables, so how reliable is yours?


More realiable than yours (I remember towing you home after drinks aboard Aleana one eve last year)! :razz:

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I have a rather old Avon. Its as good as. Had a couple of patches when i got it but seems a thick strong fabric. Rowlocks no problem . Got a seagull for it this year , reliable? Time will tell. Just oars up till now, had a couple of probably dodgy catches of the mother ship on a fast tide. Did at times carry a little lie flat anchor to deploy if the boat missed , but never required for that purpose.

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