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Round White Island 2019

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It’s Cat 3 plus

You must carry a life raft (dinghy on deck is NOT acceptable)

33% of your crew must have a current advanced sea survival certificate.

Sat phones I think are recommended but not mandatory


The catagory classification is usually determined by a conversation between the organising committee, YNZ and maybe the solas(?) committee. There are broad guidelines but you can make tweaks like this race and the coastal have done.

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I was going to ask what happened at the start. SMU's tracker showed them heading west up the harbour.

A couple of other trackers were slow to get moving after the start also. Looked like things were happening that weren't according to plan.


Serena, the Thompson 38 has a video of them sending it off the start (on FB, Kraken Yachting), they have a red flag flying from the backstay. Some kind of start line incident?


PS Big bugger for SMU. My condolences on that. Wont help the RNI programme, obviously.

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Leaders are around Channel at 1 pm.

Anarchy 1st (15.6 knts), Exodus 2nd (17.5 knts), Titanium looking at 3rd (15.1 knts).

Some old green boat may make it around in 4th but Serene and Clockwork are close in the hunt for 4th.

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Mr Kite will be in there somewhere, do the radio scheds get posted?

I'm guessing by the time the first one is due tomorrow morning a good chunk of the fleet will be around the island

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I can't see Mr Kite on the tracker, nor a few others i.e. Sniper.

Its only a phone based tracker, so some boats drop in and out, or it gives random info. 


Pepe is right up amongst the 1050's...

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