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On the bright side - Next project

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Mercury Bay fleet is hotting up.

Missing from the shot is a hotted up Soling and Pogo30 plus a collection of Farr38's, S34 and more Lotus' than you can poke a stick at

The Boss has been sitting here for year too but not sailed, I don't know what's happening with it


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Is that the new sail? 

yeah new main it’s seems pretty good . didn’t really Focus that much on it we were really happy just to be out there . It is way nicer to trim we just need to find where the gears are and play around with the twist etc .

good to see your boat in the water !   Rig is quite different to ours , shorter but much bigger headsail 

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I set it up right yesterday. Hired a cherry picker so I could get all over the rig with a tension gauge to get the stays right. They were so out of whack. The mast was plumb but I raked to 2 degrees to Robs figures. The mast steps forward so the side stays have to be off to drop it. But the forestry was disconnected and no marks. The centreboard is directly behind the mast so doesn’t carry much rake, 2 degree now.

Ive installed a compass and depth sounder, added a 2:1 fine tune to the 2:1 jib sheets. Re-routed control lines and today made up the first of 2 carbon pipe berths. 




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In other news ... DP came with a multi-display but speed only. I fitted a depth transducer the other day and it reads perfectly...........................The distance between the hull and the top of the keel bulb - doh. Evidently I'm not the first

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