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new ac race dates set

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54 minutes ago, KM... said:

It lives purely in hope a race may break out but having sat thru 1.7 sails and not seeing one it's been consigned to the background, if possible, just in case something does actually happen.

Maybe if I'd taken more attention yesterday I wouldn't be getting the sh*t I am today, bugger!!!!

Apologies to the US lady YT commentator for questioning her heritage and ability to use a calendar ;)

Possibly, if your attention to detail is so poor you don't know what day it is, you are missing some of the really exciting aspects of what is going on?

The start period and first leg is fascinating, and it is the slightest detail that makes all the difference. Think it was Francesco that said 2 or 3 seconds timing in a maneuver is all it takes to completely change the situation.

Sounds like a pile of Gen Y-ers around here, wanting easy action served up in their lap.

And for anyone watching the TVNZ coverage, shoot yourself now, they have targeted that at Women's Day level. Watch the America's Cup Live channel on the web. They actually have commentators that know what a boat is. You can also run a second TV with the virtual eye coverage, gives all the stats all the time.

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2 hours ago, erice said:

E course today...seems a waste, to not use course C and allow people to watch from north head

Little over 2 hours to go and not very encouraging. Course selection looks a little bit suspect too although this morning easterlies were funnelling through there

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 1.51.54 PM.png

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does seem a beautiful day in central auckland

that same soft + fluky NE

nary a breeze in the sky

"A big factor yesterday was that the clouds started coming back over the city and once the land stopped heating the winds stopped...," Murray said.


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