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new ac race dates set

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1 hour ago, harrytom said:

The boundary seems to be a fast,you can use it to your advantage as did etnz just after the start yesterday,LR was forced to let them out but my way of thinking ,you got in to that position you work out how to get out of that situation.

Would of thought by deliberately sailing to the boundary and forcing LR to give room ,etnz should of coped a penalty. 

It's just like any boundary/obstruction in our normal slow racing.  The boat closest to the obstruction is entitled to room to tack, the other boat can choose to tack or go behind them.  Rule 21 iirc??!?  And yes when normal slow racing you can still use this to your advantage.

Just FYI, the normal slow rules are upwind only and boat calling for room-to-tack must be close-hauled.  But for AC they have modified it to include downwind.

The obstruction can also be a 3rd boat on Starboard - making for some fun :-)

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