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yanmar 2qm20 exhaust mixer elbow

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So, happily motoring away from Panmure YBC haulout yesterday and there is a sudden change of tone.  Donkatadonkatadonkata gets the addition of a chuffatachuffata.

I'm all for hamonies, synchopation and the such, but a quick look under the hood revealed a 5 - 10mm rust hole blown through the Yamnar's exhaust mixer.

Half a roll of baking tinfoil wound arond the pipe and held by some 3mm cord and the weekend was recovered, but its not going to last forever.  Has anyone got an old 2qm20 hanging around with a servicable exhaust mixer?


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Given the usual expensive Yanmar parts prices [ that's if you can still get the part!]- I would remove it and take it to a stainless fabricator and get them to make you one. I'm also told that galv. ones last pretty well too.

For future ref. I've had luck[?] getting mine to last longer by having a bypass on the intake and running a bucket of fresh water through the engine before leaving it. Hot salty water is pretty good at corrosion.

If you are having trouble locating the part, Bill Falconer is usually a good source of info and/or supply.

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I feel your pain Aardvark. I recently replaced exhaust elbow on my 2GM20. The part cost $546.75 plus GST. 😫

Corrosion of these things is insidious and inevitable. I will be checking mine annually from now on.

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I ended up having it made.  Ryan runs a workshop from home (just out of Waiuku on the Awhitu Penninsula) part time specialising in stainless exhaust fabrication and has a strong sideline in resoring and building 4WD projects from what I could see.

Super-friendly, quick, and reasonable but not cheap - $220 all up.

Exhaust is in 316 and is an exact copy of the fabricated item it replaces.  Ryan machined the grip rings on the barb for the water inlet - nice attention to detail.

He is contactable if you have something in mind - 027 289 4007



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I see a bit of work cutting the bend sections to match the required shape , a little bit of lathe work and welding plus material cost. Quality work done quickly  - if he charged much less he could well go out of business . 

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