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Navy gets Uncrewed Surface Vessel

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Royal New Zealand Navy to trial uncrewed, renewable-powered vessel

The solar-, wind- or wave- powered vessel uses a retractable rigid sail to provide wind propulsion. Photo-electric cells on the sail can drive its motor.

The USV will be constantly monitored and operated from a control room at Devonport Naval Base. Communication with the control room is through mobile phone signal while close to shore or via high- and low- bandwidth satellite when further offshore.

In the absence of sunlight and wind, the Bluebottle has a unique flipper and rudder device to steer and propel itself. It has a top speed of five knots and the ability to operate at sea indefinitely in sea states up to 7 (wave heights of six to nine metres).



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Nice toy -it will be interesting how long it lasts, I can show you where to see a number of recent failed NZDF projects lie (of the marine persuasion) still at least with those the money was wasted in NZ with NZ taxpayers...

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5 minutes ago, Psyche said:

A hazard to navigation more like, but seriously why? Unmanned means no agency, just observation and it requires 24/7 manned operation to do what exactly?

I was just reading that the Chief of Defense is telling the govt that to meet the new budget expectations he will have to ground aircraft. Probably the Seasprites, which is states is the primary defensive asset of our fighting ships.

Minister for Defense, the Honourable Judith, has suggested that Defense do not do anything that is not core to Defense. Then along comes a new toy...

I am sorry to mention politics and what not, but yes, the question is relevant, what is the purpose of this thing?

Best I can see, assuming it was designed and built inhouse by Defense staff, is capability development of said staff. That would be fantastic if you want to start a company making autonomous boats for fishing or scientific research or something. I don't know if it was designed and built inhouse. Given the prevalence of satellites and sharply reducing cost of them, I'm not sure why you need an autonimous boat for spying, tracking fishing poachers or drug runners when you can see most of that with a premium subscription to Google Earth Pro or many other such satellite based systems.

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4 hours ago, NZTiger said:

Maybe they could enter it in the coastal.

Might be tricky to get to cat 3 though.

Feck that would be premium , enter the coastal and not have to sail the damn thing 

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There seems to be confusion about its name, was christened Bluebottle in Aussie -perhaps our young Navy ratings dont realise the significance of that name.

All together now "Hes fallin in the water"

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But what does it do?

What if someone hits it ?

Has it got a steaming light ?

What if Physce hits it and sinks one or the other . Will insurance cover it?

Very cool but why ?

Is it colregs compliant will it give way ? To other vessels under sail ?

Who paid for it and why ?







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