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  1. Yep, agree with that, anecdotally I heard of a 34 footer where the instructions were " Replace the engine and send me the bill" 50K later !
  2. I agree 2flit, years ago I had experience designing repairs for airframes and based on that I'm confident the mast would not be significantly weakened. I measured up last night and the attaching screws are 4mm at 70mm spacing there is probably 80 to 100 to holes to drill and tap, so I'm more put off by the amount of work involved than any structural concerns. Also it wont do much for the cosmetics unless you're a colander The sailmaker was concerned that a free standing luff would move around too much and generate chafe on the stowed mainsail particularly if you a carried the rig f
  3. Frank

    Etnz boat 2

    These modern AC boats must present a fascinating head game for the team modelling the fluid dynamics. I'm guessing the hull is in some sort of ground effect and there must be an endless list of hydro and aerodynamic factors to optimize at 50 knot +.
  4. The budget for a re-engine on my Carpenter 29 was approx 16K by doing the work myself, 20 to 22 K if I replaced the Sail drive leg as well.
  5. Some good possibilities there thanks Carpe Diem, I will discuss these with the sailmaker. BP sorry I haven't explained the situation well but basically the track needs to be moved further away from the mainsail luff groove. The track extends from below the gooseneck almost to the second spreaders and is fixed with screws at 150 mm intervals hence re-positioning it involves a lot of new holes, the mast height is 51 ft. We want to retrofit batten cars with external rollers but a test fit shows the rollers will foul tri sail track. Chrs
  6. Probably about as well as the 40 yr old Saab 8hp "Auxillary"
  7. I have a situation where I need to move the tri sail luff track on the mast, doing so will involve adding yet more fastener holes which I would prefer to avoid. I have heard of a tri sail arrangement where the luff is free standing using spectra as a luff rope. The sail is then hoisted on the main halyard and secured somehow at the foot. Does anyone have experience with this or has seen one set up ?any advice appreciated, I will check with the local sail maker as well. chrs
  8. Quite a few of the glass D28's had osmosis, dare I say it they are known for it (with due apologies to D28 owners past and present). Osmosis is not the big bogeyman it once was but it would be worth enquiring if it has had any remedial treatment in that area. I know of a local all GRP one that sold this week for somewhere around 20k I think. All uup if the wooden top is mint,the engine has been upgraded, the sails, running and standing rigging are in good to very good condition and the accessories are good then 20K would seem good value to me.
  9. Frank

    Boat on Boat

    With the new AC designs looking to turn on a dime does anyone think there will be more boat on boat action than with the catamarans ? This action adds to the drama and if you can force errors such as a fluffed turn it could be a powerful attacking or defending strategy. Most commentary is that the foil arms would make this dangerous for both vessels and that it would be best to stay out of trouble. My sense is that we will see relatively more close manoeuvering than in Bermuda.
  10. Thanks Matt, my thoughts too, I will check with the rigger at HMB as well.
  11. Does anyone have a preference for using a shouldered rigging pin vs one secured with split pins at both ends ? My thinking is the former is better since one less split pin equals one less failure point.... thoughts ? Secondly should the split pin always have a washer behind it ? on our boat the forestay top pin is not shouldered and there is no washer behind the split pins it just doesn't look "Proper" but maybe I'm just being a Nana, the tangs are aluminium.' Let me know what you think but the Forestay pin is slated for replacement with a shouldered one. Chrs
  12. Thanks for the input folks, it is a Ronstan Car and track, and it seems a captive bearing car will work on the existing extrusion so he is steering towards one of those, cost of 0.5 BU
  13. Wouldn't you classify the new gen IMOCA boats as flying machines ? there is not much of the hull in contact with the water when they are at pace
  14. I like the icons for the new gen boats the winglets, makes them look like ice sliding penguins, well after a few gins maybe Its going to be an epic race and its fascinating to see how sailing technology continues to evolve just when you think they might have run out of ideas.
  15. How big do you think those seas are Matt ?
  16. A mate has a Don Senior 36 yacht with an old school twin car mainsheet traveler, its not a captive bearing type but rather it has four ball bearing "Wheels" on each car. I'm not sure of the brand maybe Cleveco or Ronstan ? . The wheel axle is also the inner race of the bearing which has worn so the bearings are now loose and probably close to failure. The axle shaft is swaged at each end. Does anyone have experience in repairing these or suggest where parts might be obtained ? Of course replacement with an unobtainium Harken CB unit is the ultimate fix but that would be north of 2K
  17. I am involved with one boat in the Tamaki Estuary on a pile mooring (38 Ft) and another on a swing mooring at Cocklebay (Carpenter 29). Like ( I suspect) many owners I have tried many AF options over the years but never finding a silver bullet solution. I got frustrated with the thicker paints as they were so intolerant of hot and/or windy weather, I was always thinning them to get coverage and a half decent finish. Eventually I tried Hempel's which seems no better or worse than the others in terms of performance but it is way less viscous and rolls out easily almost like a singl
  18. Well its not sailing although there does appear to be "Hiking out" during the turns.
  19. Oh man, that's the funniest response to H and S bureaucracy I have ever read, absolute gold.
  20. Thanks Steve, I will get back to you on that depending on how it all goes.
  21. A good suggestion thanks for that !
  22. With a cruise to Fiji next year perhaps a bit 50:50 due to covid, Fiordland in the summer could be a plan B. I presume Late Feb/March is the best time weather wise and that the direct route via the top of the NI is the best, but would appreciate any input from those who have been there and done that.
  23. In my RC model plane days one aerobatic RTF Model proclaimed "lots of Happy Flip Flap Flight"
  24. The whole thing has been an unwanted distraction for Team NZ, on the flip side this cant be good for the reputation of Mayo and Calder. On Fri they still had the AC on their website, I see it is gone now and the ACE are suing, it will be interesting to see what the legal judgment is as to the extent of accountability. Having Dalts as CEO of ETNZ and ACE is tricky but I'm not sure it would work any other way.
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