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  1. I wonder how they resist the tendency to round up with such close angles and beamy hulls/sterns. The wider the hull the greater the lateral separation between the drive of the sail and the hull drag, at its worse when you are on the wind , less so when reaching.This force couple tends to make the boat want to round up more, I suppose you could argue that the heel angle moves the centre of drive to leeward compensating for this. Either way there must be some interesting design challenges for the naval architects but its all solved on puters I suppose. This wee trailer sailer used lee boards
  2. Pretty much a universal experience for me with any "Closing Down" or "Liquidation" Sale,
  3. Frank

    Petrol Octane

    Fiction, as commented on earlier Octane Rating is the ability of a fuel to be used at high compression ratios without detonating before the spark plug fires, ie pre-detonation, knock or pinging. This can be very damaging to the engine for obvious reasons. Octane is a hydrocarbon derived from oil that is very resistant to this and so is used as a baseline standard, ie 100 Octane fuel is 1 to 1 equivalent to Octane itself whereas , 91 is less and so on. It doe not relate to the calorific value of the fuel or how much heat energy the fuel has per gram etc. In fact one way to increase the Octane
  4. What objects/surfaces you proposing to paint ? and what sort of paints, e.g two pack systems ? My experience with early wagner airless DIY units and two pack paints was not good. So unless modern designs have improved dramatically I would go compressor driven. I have a small gravity fed $50 touch up gun and a $200 direct drive compressor I use it a lot for small jobs where I want a good finish. Mostly these are objects I can take off the boat and paint at home. Belt driven units are better but more expensive and still wont deliver the flow for painting a hull, or at least that is what my boa
  5. Once the Dolphin is in I suspect it will be essentially permanent. Slightly off topic perhaps but do we want to enhance the facilities for these pollution belching floating flats ? I recently listened to a Radio NZ interview with AUT tourism professor Michael Lück on the cruise industry and it was all bad news on the environmental front. Surprisingly the oft touted economic benefits to the local economy did not stand scrutiny either as the industry naturally want to pocket as much revenue as possible. https://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/afternoons/audio/2018685520/the-environ
  6. Frank

    18 Footers

    Imagine if they ever allow foiling ! probably too dangerous.
  7. Frank

    18 Footers

    This is pretty special I reckon and does anyone remember Travelodge ? https://www.sail-world.com/news/203409/Auckland-Sailing-Club-has-historic-18ft-moment https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/1974-travelodge-nz-.jpg
  8. "So what am I going to do".......? well how about good old fashioned Compliance With the Rules, even if you consider the system imperfect. What gives anyone in this particular industry the right to rort the system because they personally disagree with it ? Lets apply that to Aviation, Medicine, Taxation, Policing, etc and see how we advance as a society, Somalia anyone ?
  9. I have a Carpenter 29 at Shelly Park, Draft is 1.6 metres access is 2 hours either side of low tide, no change in 28 years.
  10. What he said, find the one that's had the most TLC through its life, they are not as common as you might think though.
  11. And here is the riposte from Seafood New Zealand, ripping into Legasea, apparently they are all Eco Warrior Angels. We have nothing to hide but don't put those cameras on the boats eh ! https://www.seafoodnewzealand.org.nz/media/news/news/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=1379&cHash=a2409fe7d383dbfad7c1c7f578ee4f30
  12. You cant beat The Barrier, It really does cater for all.
  13. Keep an eye on launch and ferry wakes at Orapiu, I have seen two vessels heaved against the piles, the damage was nasty.
  14. Frank

    What is this for?

    You mentioned cruising until you run out of money well you could get a head start by buying both a spinnaker and an A2, they are quite expensive sails plus you then have to store both. I would go for some sort of asymmetric and ditch the whisker pole, with that and the genoa you have plenty of options.
  15. Frank

    Abandoned Boats

    I cant see how it could , is there even such a thing ?
  16. Frank

    Abandoned Boats

    Common guys, towing it behind the the Barrier and sinking it ? do the right thing and scrap it properly ,otherwise we are no better than all the other environmental cowboys. This is the 21st century not the 19th a fiberglass boat wont rot or rust away.
  17. Frank

    Abandoned Boats

    How about the boat owner applying some self logic before we blame the council ? why should they inherit the problem and then pass the cost on to the rate payers. Boat owner self -logic checklist 1. Maintain the boat in a seaworthy state 2. Service the mooring 3. Keep the vessel insured 4. When selling it meet the market 5. Be realistic about your ability to do all of the above, financially, Physically and mentally, don't do the maritime equivalent of fly-tipping and simply walk away.
  18. Frank

    What is this for?

    Its a whisker pole , used on symmetrical spinnakers , to hold the guy (windward sheet) off the side stays (prevents chafe) when the pole is well fwd,(ie almost touching the mast)
  19. I have recovered a few sunken moorings over the years, a small grapnel towed behind a dinghy did the job. This was always done at dead at low tide and once hooked you then dive down the rope and attach a heavy line for recovery. This has also been used to recover lost dive belts but with a smaller grapnel, so the technique works fine as long as there is something for the grapnel to hook on to. Stating the bleeding bloody obvious I suppose but your biggest challenge is the area you have to cover. The grapnel was four pronged made from 8mm rebar 400 mm Long and 180 mm Dia. Patience is key some
  20. My first yacht had one of those old VDO cable units, I'm sure the impeller was white
  21. What was the original post about again ?? cats or something
  22. Equipment failure and or its consequences are not outside your control if your equipment is well maintained and you are properly trained in established safe procedures such as diving with a buddy and using an Octi and a spare dive computer. etc. I have free dived and I like the simplicity of it I have immense respect for competent free divers, I also have a master SCUBA ticket via PADI but I'm no more stressed free diving than SCUBA diving, I understand the risks of both and take adequate precautions. Sometimes despite all this there are accidents both with free divers and SCUBA, nothin
  23. You can also go as fast as you can if you are travelling through moored vessels or going over the top of the dive flag or diver. The flag should be well visible so the vessel has something to aim for otherwise they risk missing the diver or the boat with the topman.
  24. After 12 min of pumping I suspect you will be "over it" I have used a Spare Air while cleaning a boat and it lasted about 5 min . The problem being that as soon as you start exerting yourself with cleaning you will dramatically increase your air consumption. The bottle in the Scorkel picture looks to be smaller than the Spare Air bottle I used.
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