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  1. Dunphy's offer was never really a concrete offer for TNZ to count on -hopefully it may still materialise and bring the bacon home but that may be wishful thinking - we will know v soon !
  2. Hi Phoebe - there is a guy Scott up in FP (Kiwi) looking for a ride back -his contact is orcaman71@hotmail.com -could be worth following up seeing both FP and NZ are both in lockdown. Good luck
  3. I found Pantaneous the worst when I looked around
  4. Ideally you need to find the exact age of the rigging - taking them off for a load test and potentially refitting or then finding out they have degraded then needing to get new ones made just adds to the cost and time involved for the exercise
  5. Have they got covers on ? That will help protect from UV and abrasion. I replaced my 16 mm ones after 10 years (had covers on them) and had one tested which came out surprisingly well ( from memory they got to 80% before stopping ie they didnt test to break point). As mine were over size ( I could have come down in size) I was still well and truly covered although I was happy to replace after that length of time (with 16 mm)
  6. Tensions are certainly getting out of control - the protestors are going all out and are stepping beyond normal boundaries . The comments on local FB boards are very one eyed that its not worth anyone trying to reason with them. At the moment there is a poster being distributed encouraging people to take tomorrow (Fri 09/07) off work and to go and join them at Putiki Bay !
  7. Think it costs that much to consult with the penguins
  8. Huge input over the years -all the best - see you in Sol Bar sometime
  9. Bugger - always sad to see a sight like that.....
  10. As Fogg said - the other options around Putiki Bay are quite tidal .... The pontoon/pier at Kennedy Pt is another option -buses going to Ostend or Oneroa from there - you could leave the tender on the breakwater side of the pier where it would be out of the way for anyone launching from the ramp
  11. Is unfortunate that the Italian Press have come out critical of the "lack of respect " shown towards them - I dont feel it is a one horse race at all. Team NZ supporters are hoping their boat can do the job but LR having been so race hardened since Dec I feel until they get together on the racetrack tomorrow (and following days) it is far too early to make a call and it should be a great contest.....
  12. I have Nanni;'s (Kubota) 37.5 hp in Pzazz -good little motors and extremely easy to service (built in pump to remove oil from sump) coupled with SD50's -yes the cone clutch is problematic but i have put in an upgrade kit (from overseas and Yanmar agents dont want to know about or be involved with) plus use a GL5 rated oil which is less slippery than the Mercruiser and theoretically helps extend life of the cone clutch -
  13. There has always been good fish life in Deep Water Cove
  14. Count down to the finish of this epic race - 3 competitors within 120 nm and around 24 hours to the finish line.....
  15. Yes the HE ... thanks for that will look into it
  16. Usually its any provisions are confiscated and disposed of on entry so assume they are changing the rules in that department.
  17. That was the place I dealt with - great service and was pleasantly surprised at the range of parts they had.
  18. There is a company in Sydney that stocks second hand parts - the name escapes me but will do some digging tomorrow and see if I can find it. When I needed something they had a few options
  19. Assume they were towing to mainland in which case a long tow in those conditions. Don’t think there are any sheltered ports in Isles of Scilly - quite exposed there .
  20. Its looking as though the only possibility there is some Aussies but everyone else is most likely to be watching on international media. Probably the best outcome is that Team NZ retain the cup and rehost again in a relatively short period ie 2 years -hopefully by then the shambolic state of affairs that is currently downtown Auckland may not be so embarrassing!
  21. I love his writing style and the way he deals with everything thrown at him...a great read
  22. to replace like with like but am open for options
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