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  1. I think the owner had taken the lens cover off to replace thh bulb.. and were simply not up to the task of recapitulating it's original orientation. Frightening, nonetheless. I've no experience with French cars other than with an old 205 driven by a girl from Paris... the wiring was the least of my worries..
  2. Seen on a boat in France...
  3. DrWatson

    Slight issue

    hmmmm, that might turn out quite tricky under a number of international treaties... Preventing a citizen of another country from leaving yours (permanent resident) might be seen as arbitrary detention...
  4. Actually an SL100, I believe even rarer than the 125, and the up-pipe model was even rarer I'm led to believe, only being sold in AUS/NZ? I saw a NOS replacement pipe on the inter-web for 1500... This one has been bored out before my time to about 133cc (pretty much as far as one can go). But I've got a NOS Bore and piston/ring set to "restore" it. I've gradually become aware of it's value in the last few years. I did have a CB550K3 + 2 spare motors parked next to it for many years in the Old Man's shed, but gave that away about 10 y ago to someone building a collection/museum. I was gi
  5. Sounds like she’d give Firefly a run for her money...
  6. This old girl is sitting in my shed. Had her about 30y now, I guess... I even rode her over Thompson's Track, many many moons ago. I guess I'll drag her out and freshen her up a little at some point. Photos are not great, but she's mostly complete, except for the saddle, speedo and tailight lens. Not for sale at this time, unfortunately, but still a contribution to the thread.
  7. Nice, whats she made of? And disp?
  8. It happened as I was posting - I honestly thought my computer had gone funky and not loaded stuff, lol
  9. Fair enough, the last thing I was thinking of (or wanting to see) is "breaking new ground" so to say in pristine bays to keep 0.01%ers happy. Rather, places that already have reasonable infrastructure - at least a wharf or a little village onshore. Tryphena, Fitzroy, Bon accord, Tuts, Russel, Waiheke is already there etc...
  10. Not sure BP n Angela are planning on more kids...
  11. AHhh, well Bern is going to be one of those "top five most expensive places on the continent" .... I mean it's Switzerland... Pad Thai - Thai food in Switzerland is notoriously expensive Sushi is also on my "too pricey" list. Surprised at the pizza cost though.
  12. Wow that's a LOT! What country was that? Also, why you eating Pad Thai in Europe? lol My experiences in France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain, are completely the opposite. Even in Switz I pay only equivalent 20nzd for a great Italian pizza. Italy, 9 course meal incl. wine, 50nzd each. Greece, 14 dishes, + figs + wine enough for 5 Adults, 25 nzd each. Croatia was more expensive, and the quality (Vis, end of season) was pretty poor, along with surly service ...
  13. Yeah let's not talk about how damn expensive it is to eat and drink in NZ compared to wages/disposable, and I don't buy that whole "it's because we're isolated" BS. Something is wrong in NZ and it will take a big player with huge balls and deep pockets to force a paradigm shift - but this topic is for a thread elsewhere. Eating aboard is what we've always done (except Greece and 2 nights in France). But if you're on holiday for a week, might as well make the most of it. Going on holiday for two weeks and dragging the same chores with you was recently pointed out to me as "THIS IS NOT A HO
  14. If in a couple years you see a Pogo called Firefly in your bay with a flag saying "Flat Whites", you'll know to pop over in the morning... Yeah I think it's a combination of a lot of factors, a number of which you list here, along with weather (as Darkside mentioned). In the Med it's HOT, and it stays that way late into the evening - meals are eaten late, because it's simply too hot to have a decent meal at 18-20. The weather is pretty settled over the summer. There is the Meltimi, but it's all wind no rain, and it comes from one Quadrant - predictable, the odd Medicane, and y'a
  15. So that’s pretty much half the fleet!
  16. Yeah, I guess you need a min number of boats each night, and the charters make it easier to get those numbers. Woulda thought that in the summer there’d be plenty of boats at the barrier to make it work. Kawau would also work. Could buy an old ferry cat and run a restaurant out of that in Izzy bay occasionally...
  17. Not saying I think we should flood our waters with charter fleets. But, the Med. style cruising, where you sail for a day, moor or anchor in a bay (or a small harbour) and go ashore to the local taberna for a damn fine meal and a glass of plonk certainly has its appeal. Place I went to on Kythnos, Greece, during the high season - tiny bay with about 15 houses, likely an hour's drive over a bumpy arse road from the other side of the island (ok i checked on google and it's more like 20 min), and getting perhaps 3 boats a night, supported two Taberna, one of which served some of the best foo
  18. So, did you buy anything?
  19. Master and Engineer in the dock... Rudder issues caused by s/lack maintenance? No one taking responsibility for maintenance?
  20. Ok, here's an update. Not a big one, but something nonetheless. Got in touch with the professionals (composite boat builder and full service guys in Brest - recommended by Pogo Structures) who launched the boat in July before we got there. They essentially recommissioned after the extended winter layup. They were down there this week installing a new stanchion ... Saildrive oil level check (and alt belt tension) was part of their prestart check-list. Nothing out of the ordinary, and certainly everything within tolerance. So, although we don't know yet how much oil the Volvo tec
  21. Klaus Metz is actually a pretty good dude and has designed some quite nice stuff. That MeTu 650 has to be one one the most meticulous plywood boat builds I’ve ever seen - the detailing and thought that went into it - took something like 4000h maybe more... guy worked full time on it in a garage/warehouse here in Zurich. Klaus built the nesting dinghy to car-top to Croatia. Seems to be pretty good. still 50kg, though...
  22. It' a nice tender, fer sure, but at 700mm high, I got honestly nowhere to stow something like that. If the topsides were made like an SUP is..., then the whole thing could be very easily packed into a much smaller space.
  23. Wow - spendy is right!!! And I guess that listed price is not the carbon version... How do they row? I guess they don't have a rig....
  24. This topic, The Perfect Tender, keeps coming around. One thing we often don't talk enough about weight. Most dinghies are manageable by one person when dragging them up the beach etc, but pretty much all of them suck badly when it comes time to haul them up onto the foredeck. On a boat like BP, I guess there's a bit more space (excepting that superfluous second mast thingy), but realistically a dinghy is an awkward object to manhandle onto a foredeck, and it's a task made more and more difficult as your yacht gets smaller. What's the max. mass that people are comfortable with? I mea
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