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  1. Totaly agree with you wheels. Stunning craft.
  2. There are good haulout facilities at PYBC. Worth joining for that alone. Plus Harrytom will be able to give you advise on Cav 26 do's and don'ts.
  3. chariot

    Lotus 9.2

    As you can see this is a very functional option. The 9.2 is a very easy boat to sail as they are so well balanced and aren't family frighteners. Had this one 11 years now and still enjoy it as much as the day we bought it. Probably the biggest volume 30fter around excluding a Pogo 30 but that's a different animal all together.
  4. chariot

    Lotus 9.2

    Have a sugar scoop on our 9.2 with built in step each side. Next best thing to a walk through. It also makes dinghy access easy. Will provide photo later.
  5. Frenchmans cap down the bottom end.
  6. What about Sail rock. One very big rock.
  7. Sounds about right. I run our D1-30 at about 2200 rpm and sit at about the same speed, maybe a tad more. Need those extra horses to get in and out of Whitianga harbour against big tides.
  8. chariot

    Cruisair A/C

    Sounds a bit too fancy for my old clunker.
  9. That area has regular visits from large dolphin schools and pods of Orca.
  10. Yep,I have done it on the hard using a chain block. Just take your time and it is easy. And yes, don't rely just on the topping lift.
  11. I know of a Raven 26 who tried this manuover by dropping into a fiz boat. Bloody near went through the bottom of the fizzy. That was only an 8hp Yanmah.
  12. I find a good bash to windward gets rid of most slime except for the rudder which is easy to clean. Our boat is kept in Whitianga marina.
  13. I use Ultra 2 and find it ok. The main reason being that I can scrub it without watching all my antifoul disappear around the bay.
  14. I believe that would be the best option. Probably what I would have done if I had kept the Cav.
  15. I had a remotely located ZF box on our Cav 32. Took it to the agents and what a bloody disaster. Went in as a V drive and I got it back as a straight drive. That's what you get when the experts have a play with it. I would look at options away from V drive units.
  16. You are right. The Mercs are spectacular. Would be criminal to go past without stopping there.
  17. That's if they get prosecuted. Remember it is only LIKELY not will.
  18. What gets me is that they are only likely to face prosecution.
  19. Do you have to splice Spectra. Need to replace the wire to Kiwifurl drum which pulls back the spring loaded locking pin. Can I just tie the ends off without splicing.
  20. Why on a phone? Hope you are not still waiting up the top of Centennial Drive for the Tsunami.
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