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  1. chariot

    Lotus 9.2

    That must be one of the last ones built. Good cruising boats and well balanced. If you are ever in the Mercury Bay area, let me know. Might be able to catch up.
  2. chariot

    Pogo 30

    Thought the lotus 9.2 was the biggest volume 30fter around until having a few beers last week on board a Pogo 30. Man, do the have some interior volume, and fast as well. Very nice boats.
  3. Hope your trip north goes well with fair winds.
  4. A pity you didn't get to the Mercs. One of the most spectacular cruising areas to be had.
  5. That's very sad. Looks like a nice boat from what can be seen.
  6. chariot

    Boat Names

    Have a boat in Mercury Bay Game Fish club called Filthy Oar.
  7. My son does well with those.
  8. We just go on the drift with s/b. Seem to get a feed. That's on a 30fter. We just tie the helm to leeward, seems to do the trick.
  9. Still no reason for aholes to ransack the boat. Sounds like the work of the envy brigade.
  10. Your destinations for early Jan would require your boat to be just as prepared as a trip up to the BOI. Barrier and Mercs are not to be taken lightly. Colville chanel is as bad as anything you will get going north.
  11. Yep, the DP house is a sight to behold.
  12. Pity they didn't show it doing what it was designed for.
  13. When in Samoa during cyclone Val, radio broadcasts where telling everyone to try and preserve human life. That makes you fell a little uneasy. Locals told us it's like the end of the world. They weren't far wrong.
  14. chariot

    Lotus 9.5 info

    Good boats but seems like a lot of work.
  15. I thought the Harmonic was a 24 ftr
  16. Don't think there will be many of them in this summer.
  17. Hi thrust = less revs, more strain on engine.
  18. I note a lot of input required by Maori. Why and who keeps paying for the gravy train, the ratpayer or the exarerbators, whoever an exarerbator is. Does this include fizz boat owners who drag thier boats from region to region.
  19. Not a new toy in Auckland but I see a new toy arrived in Whitianga. Tazzy Devil now in Mercury Bay
  20. Have got a LH 3 blade Gori prop 5X13, 1" shaft. Has overdrive gearing. Had it on a 28hp Volvo.
  21. Would be bloody hard trying to get him on board in those conditions.
  22. You can have all the experts in the world but it doesn't garauntee success
  23. Mine was inclusive of new beds and new prop. Still have the old Gori as a garden ornament.
  24. That's about right. New engine was 14k, total cost old engine out and new one in 23k. That's a 30 hp.
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