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  1. If there is a lockdown in December/ Feb i think I will do the same as Fogg. Was loaded ready to go at the beginning of the first nation wide lockdown. Unloaded boat and did the right thing. Don't think I will do it again.
  2. Heading for the Mercs tomorow for the long weekend. Can think of worse places to be.
  3. chariot

    Coastal 2020

    Have a good time all you guys and gals doing the coastal. Might need plenty of libation.
  4. Probably a little less underwater surface on a Mull 9.5 than a lotus 9.2, hence the extra coverage.
  5. Never use thin foamy's as they only fall to bits before you finish.
  6. Wow how do you do that. What anti foul do you use. I have just gone back in the water, antifouled on a warm day with no thinners and don't get 2 full coats. Might have to change the type off roller next year. Have never had cover like what you get.
  7. I have a 9.2 and 4ltr only gives me 1 coat and a second on the leading edges, rudder and the first metre down from waterline. I use a hard antifoul so don't want too much biuldup. Sand hell out of it so I can see previous years antifoul before applying new antifoul.
  8. Would go back to Ko Samui any time.
  9. Was up there in February. Yes the rivers are chaos, Viet Nam just as bad if not worse.
  10. Maybe a bit of salt water shampoo in a bucket then rinse off with fresh water. Use fresh water from your tank. Who's to know it's fresh water?
  11. I would love to think the mainstream media could recognise your achievement and at least make the reast of NZ aware of what you have just completed. Congratulations on a great achievement.
  12. That's how I feel. Not going to be a very good return for the dollars invested.
  13. chariot

    Slight issue

    Because rugby is a sacred cow in NZ.
  14. I bought my present boat buy pushing a card through the companion way hatch enquiring if the ownier would be interested in selling. He phoned me about a month later and it all happened from there.
  15. That is one of the cleverest and funniest sketches they ever did.
  16. Enjoy the ride. Nice looking boat.
  17. It is on the hard in the Whitianga marina at the moment, so would be a good time to view.
  18. Yes' I thought it was an odd looking liferaft.
  19. There is a dark blue one for sale in Whitianga at the moment. Can't recall the name but probably on trademe. Doesn't look too bad, has new windows and hatches.
  20. They may not make laws but as with all laws, it is down to interpretation. You will find different bureaucrats have different interpretations which leeds to total confusion.
  21. chariot


    Used to be moored next to me in the Tamaki River but that's about all i ever new of her before the Churchouses went offshore.
  22. chariot


    Try your local library. There was a book written about her circumnavigion by I think Mike Churchhouse. She was junk rigged at that time.
  23. That boat and crew sure put NZ on the ocean racing world stage. Go Rainbow Go is a good read.
  24. I have a D1-30 that was fitted about 3 yrs ago. Was fitted with correct mounts but used to jump allm over the place. The engine mouints were soft mounts which i believe they use on the sail drive instalations. Being shaft drive it used to knock like hell at idle due to engine movement. Had the mounts changed to hard mounts and problem solved. The noise from your instalation is totally different to what I had but could be food for thought.
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