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  1. So I got a Ipad for my half century Have bought Geo Garage Marine NZ for $8.20 So is this all I need or do I need something else to make it work as a plotter ? Or have I just lost the plot ?
  2. Its all good I believe that the atmospheric interference is a seasonal problem, and when there's more happening it will almost disappear. Maybe if you had a user setting where you can set the "View Active Topics" that you wish to include ?
  3. Jon


    Ha Knotty I'd stop digging as thats becoming an impressive hole From memory your life raft must be stowed securely in a dedicated position with the tether fixed to a strong point knot floating around the salon I'm sure someone can come up with the correct wording.
  4. Jon


    I think there is a rule about drinking your ballast water Mark. "Oh we were really thirsty on the slide home and some c**t left that bloody tap on again"
  5. Smithy, had the thought overnight that there may be only a small handful...or one?...99 that fits this description? If so, the owner makes a regular appearance round these parts: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=13663&p=140677&hilit=Nonstop#p140677 Can't confirm or deny!! Next thing it will be off to Noumea! Not Negotiable may also fit that description
  6. You should do the smart thing Ask the misses which one she likes
  7. there isn't 2m diff more like 2ft as a 99 is 10.34 from memory Witchy is original as she came out of the factory so performance wise they will be very similar having sailed against both and its only the turbo 11 that can sail away from us. Witchy was sailed for years by an older guy and his wife who's into fishing and sailing is just what she does to get out there and that was when she didn't have a furler (witchy that is) I'd say both can be sailed 2 up easily enough You may be comparing a good 99 against an older 11 ?
  8. Who on earth told you that? For many years it wasn't as all your fizzy members didn't want to pay a YNZ levy so are you saying that it is now ?
  9. Meg Maraetai Sailing Club isn't an affiliated club from memory so you are fine to enter but Waikato is so that's your real problem As far as the YNZ form goes just fill in the info that you know and send it off, they will help you fill in the rest that they need hopefully
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