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  1. Provincial Cowboy is a well known Ross 40 design yacht based in Auckland, New Zealand. The 'Mk 1' Ross 40 is a design that's part of the folklore of the NZ sailing scene of the 80's and 90's. We have lost count of the number of people who stopped by to reminisce about racing they did on PC or her sisterships. The hull and decks were built by Nautec Yachts for first owner Geoff Bagge and the two other initial owners. Her decks were the first from the mould (taken from Not Guilty) and Geoff had to wait some time after receiving the hull. Geoff fitted a typical kiwi cruiser/racer lay
  2. A few more on the wait list... Lanny Walker Radioactive chris dent Simply the best Mike Paauwe Penury Treguier David Poulpito
  3. The Landing is challenging in any significant breeze from the NW to NE, even when fully crewed. N/NE is worst. Parking is good for traiilers aside from summer weekends (there is a parking fee) but I wouldn't recommend it for a singlehander unless you are sure of the wind direction. It's fine in anything from SW-SE although you do get the odd wake rolling in. Note also in very low tides there may not be enough depth to have your keel right down at the pontoon.
  4. Nearing the Mokes in a SSANZ race in 2016. Booboo was about 200m away from us at the time...
  5. I think Kaizen will be keen
  6. If you look at the boat you can see where the tracks went along each side of the cockpit. Probably need to see it to get the gist of what was in place. Essentially it seems they ran forward on the leeward side, and it looks like there was some trickery using the tracks to keep them taut when not in use - like a curved self tacking jib track.. As the article states, the boat had quite a few radical features when first launched. Subsequently there was the big renovation that made it a bit more conventional. All well prior to it coming to NZ.
  7. From memory he also built the Wright 11m modified Shiraz design called "Navigator" and I recall he used it for navigation and sail training - circa early 1980's.
  8. Orakei is shallow, even the F15's have trouble at low tide and we used to have to lift the E5.9 keels well before the floating jetty. Agree, HMB or Westhaven. Also, experience shows it's a brave move not to take the crane out. It's all good until it isn't. Although you might be able to use a halyard (assuming you still have a mast up?).
  9. Thought I might add my 2c worth as a Ross 40 owner. The photo of Urban and Provincial Cowboy pacing each other side by side is a Gold Cup race from a couple of years ago and that mainsail on Urban was subsequently replaced with a new one. The FRO's were both new - any wrinkles were just how they looked from day one. Urban is a quick boat, especially broad reaching and running - we really noticed their extra pace with the square top main. I can't speak highly enough of the Ross 40, fantastic boat for Auckland and also a great family cruiser - albeit one with very long legs. Once yo
  10. We might actually make the start line on time for the 50. We spent a few hours sorting through all the old sails that came with the new boat last night...hoping for a bit less breeze for the 50 miler as the oldest main that we used to sail some of the 100 course went into the skip afterwards....
  11. Craig at Profile Metals in Rylock Place, Pakuranga or Brian at Steelelliotts at Half Moon Bay Marina.
  12. Yep should be a fun ride....well maybe not upwind in big breeze but we’re kind of used to that. And maybe a bit wetter all round than we are used to. I’m heading over to Newcastle on Friday to pack up the boat with Tom, the previous owner. It has its own shipping cradle which is helpful. The boat leaves the marina on a truck on Monday and is due in Auckland around the third week of July. A few jobs to do before she’s in the water not least of which is figuring out how to put it all back together. It’s a bit tight to make Race 2 but we’ll have a crack at it. She’s now registered in
  13. A mate of mine has a 40' cat and is looking for a Volvo 120 S-E sail-drive with a ratio of 2.47 – 1. Apparently this is an unusual ratio, and no longer available new - which is unfortunate as he needs to match the other unit. He is faced with having to purchase a new matching set . He is getting plenty of professional advice, he has also located at least one used unit overseas. We are just trying to cast the net wider to see if anyone in NZ has one available. If you can help PM me here and I'll put you in touch with Tony. (Edit - All sorted, he’s shipping a used pair in from the
  14. In our experience Propspeed is by a long distance the best solution. Provided it is correctly applied. Regular use will prolong its life. We have seen up to and exceeding 3 years lifespan and 1-2 years is routine. If it touches anything firm (eg hands, weed, sand or driftwood) there is a likelihood it will not last as the surfaces and especially the edges can tear or rub through. If this occurs the effectiveness of the product will degenerate. Our failure rate would be less than 1%. Again you must prep and apply it carefully and correctly.
  15. You might be right on the MSM comment but totally disagree with this bit, I’m currently commodore of a very small Akl yacht club (just 60 families) and also have been involved in many other clubs and events over the years - I cannot speak highly enough of the support we get. Often we don’t need to ask, it’s offered. The YNZ people I see most of like Angus, Andrew, Kelly, Raynor, Wayne and Kim (especially Kim!) are incredibly interested in what we do, plugged in to whats happening and helpful. Maybe it’s because the clubs and associations I’ve been involved in (including Olympic and NZ c
  16. For Bay Week, we’ll (Ross 40) be in Island Racing again this year - already entered and have been put into B this year which will make a nice change. In the past we have had a good mix of cruiser racer type boats in A with us at the smaller end. There have been two Ross 40’s in A for I think 2 of the last 3 years with Urban Cowboy and ourselves. We don’t bother with the Windward Leeward racing as we feel we really need a more polished crew, there is too much potential for things to go wrong in big breeze as we found at the Jack Tar a few years ago. We tend to sail with friends and a few
  17. https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-1870449497.htm Be good to see her back in use in the NZ fleet. (I own a sistership but have no connection with this sale)
  18. It was Vagrant, and she’s been saved - trucked to Whangateau to be repaired
  19. Nope they’re both sold a while back
  20. Is that last photo of the Sunfast? Damon and Josh in disguise
  21. A couple of sailing mates helped me measure things up and the numbers mostly came from Ian Harvey. From memory we spoke to a couple of other people who had done rudder jobs too.
  22. Just to add our experience. When we bought our boat (Ross 40) it had a very nice, deep rudder (>2m draft!). Upwind and deep downwind a pleasure to drive but reaching was an arm deadening exercise. Plus the autohelm couldn’t really cope on a reach and we would spin out routinely. After taking some measurements when the boat was out for a wash, and talking to some knowledgeable folks, we figured the stock was too close to the leading edge by just over 30mm. I had my doubts that this small amount would solve the problem but before the last RNI we were on the hard for a period, un
  23. Found a couple of pictures of Spearhead's aussie keel...
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